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Smart & Reliable Protection

You've worked hard for the life you've built. At Swingle Collins & Associates we work hard to protect it.

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Personal & Collaborative


When it comes to protecting your assets, Swingle Collins doesn’t hold back. We bring a total commitment to your business and personal interests, and collaborate closely with you to identify the best strategies to mitigate risk, minimize exposure and protect the things you’ve worked hard for.

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Professional & Exceptional


We believe in forming relationships built on trust. By getting to know your objectives and aspirations, we’re able to take a holistic, personalized approach to risk management that addresses your immediate needs and are aligned with the goals you have in business and in life.

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Trusted & Dedicated


There are two traits you’ll find in every Swingle Collins Risk Advisor: Unsurpassed knowledge of insurance products, and a steadfast commitment to recommending the solutions that are best aligned with your business and personal goals.

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Big Quote

I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday; with the chaos of the tornado and windstorm, the last person we expected to see was our insurance agent and builder on the front steps -even before the power company could safely drive down the street. That’s the kind of touch that sets you apart, and we greatly appreciate your help in an otherwise miserable situation.

- T.T.

We have been so pleased with both Swingle Collins and Associates and our agent. They helped us open a school by making sure all aspects of the school were covered by various policies. Their prompt response to an issue has been excellent and we feel confident in our coverage. It is nice to do business with a company that treats us like part of the family. We are very grateful to have Swingle Collins on our side.

- M.C.

Our benefits enrollment was thrown in my lap at the last minute. I was worried about making sure employees were covered and had a million questions. I sometimes emailed several times a day and the SCA Benefits Team answered every single question quickly, making our rushed process go so much smoother. I truly appreciate all of your help!

- L.P.

I owe you one! If you had not cleaned things up for me on all of my investment properties, last night’s hailstorm would have cost me ten times what I am looking at paying, and likely without important coverages being in place. I am a lifer and will tell everyone that will listen how pleased we are with Swingle Collins. 

- J.S.

I am certainly glad that you didn’t let me skip the insurance on the rental house, because we have pipe leaks all over the place, and a very unhappy tenant that we need to take care of. Julie told me that you recommended the remediation company that is over there cleaning up the house. We appreciate the prompt attention as we know you have to have tons of calls coming in!

- T.K.

The Swingle Collins Benefits Team was fantastic at our open enrollment meeting! They were very informative and presented in a manner that all understood. All were impressed. Your team has made this the easiest open enrollment I have ever experienced in my 13 years! Really do appreciate you!

- Client

Your team has been exceptional through all of our questions, all of our panic, and need for help on contractors and companies. You all pull rabbits out of hats with regularity, and that certainly helped with this mess. Thank you.

- B.C.

I called Swingle Collins when I was starting a new business and they were very patient, taking the time to educate me on the various insurance products available and helping me make meaningful decisions. I now help several businesses and would not dream of shopping insurance without the assistance of the very helpful people at Swingle Collins. 

- D.U.
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