Swingle Collins & Associates has a diverse portfolio of clients, from country clubs and construction firms all the way to Wildlife Refuges - one such client is the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Our mission at Swingle Collins & Associates is to provide exceptional coverage with incomparable service. While discussing Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge's insurance needs Terri Werner mentioned, "I have had several insurance agencies over the years, and never have I had anyone explain things and tailor our policy to our specific needs like the people at Swingle Collins. They came to our animal refuge to see exactly what we do and what all needed to be insured and were able to save us money while covering all areas that were previously covered."

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge was started to help take in the unwanted tigers that were being abandoned, neglected or displaced because of the pet market boom in the mid 80’s to late 90's.

Brian Werner started the Tiger Missing Link Foundation in 1995 in an effort to start documenting tigers in captivity outside of AZA zoos. In 1997, Terri joined Brian bringing with her both enthusiasm and experience rescuing big cats. Together they formed the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge on the 25 acres in Red Springs, Texas.

The operation has undergone a metamorphosis over the years as it continues to install top on the line habitats for big cats. Not only do they provide a home to countless animals, they also provide a means for visitors to view the cats in a natural setting with trees, grass, room to run, tubs to cool off in and platforms to climb on.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge continues efforts to network with conservationists, biologists, zoos etc. to help protect and save endangered species. Since the refuge’s first genetic testing of tigers, they continue to push for more genetic testing working with Texas A&M to further develop the genetic database.

Swingle Collins & Associates admires the work the Werner’s are doing in East Texas and recognizes the need for niche coverage to cover all of the exposures a wildlife refuge is subject to.