Texas Mutual Insurance AgentTexas Mutual is the leading provider of worker's compensation insurance for employers in Texas. Swingle Collins & Associates is Champion Foundation Texas Mutual Insurance Agent serving Plano, Southlake, Westlake, Coppell, Fort Worth, Dallas and McKinney. The Texas legislator created Texas Mutual in 1991 to "fix" or stabilize worker's compensation in Texas and the skyrocketing prices of the 1980’s. With the inception of Texas Mutual, the goal was to guarantee the availability and affordability of worker’s compensation coverage in Texas. Since the early 1990's Texas Mutual has grown to become one of the best options for employer's to buy worker's compensation in Texas. Texas Mutual can be accessed through almost any agent licensed in Texas. So, how do you pick which agent to represent your Texas Mutual Insurance Agent - Dallas?

worker's compensation insuranceKey factors in selecting your Texas Mutual Insurance Agent - Dallas:

  • The agent understands how to help maximize the dividend you receive from Texas Mutual.
  • The agent will help you access the best purchasing group to maximize your potential premium discounts and buying group dividend.
  • The agent understands that a good relationship with an underwriter typically pays off. In a Texas Mutual relationship, it means you get a larger dividend.
  • The agent knows how to get the best loss control services available from Texas Mutual. We’ve found that 75% of business owners receive less than 25% of the available benefits available to Texas Mutual policy holders. Those same policy holders are not even aware of the possible benefits available to policy holders. We’re excited to be a key representative insurance agency for Texas Mutual. We understand how to best place your worker's compensation policy to lower your worker's compensation, employee injuries and related costs.