Celebrate Safely this Fourth of July

happy 4th of july

Happy Fourth of July to the land of the free and home of the brave! Each year, the citizens of the United States of America enthusiastically celebrate the country’s independence with barbeques, fireworks, water activities and more. As your trusted risk managers, Swingle Collins & Associates encourage each client to assess the potential risks the holiday weekend may present. Obtain proper coverage, and continue to enjoy the weekend with the comfort of knowing you and your family are in great hands. Please take a moment to review the brief safety recommendations below. Firework Safety

  • Carefully review each firework’s manual and cautionary labels before igniting

  • Ensure a large amount of water and/or a water hose is readily available

  • Assign a responsible adult to manage and direct the use of the fireworks and lighters

  • Wear protective glasses and garments while shooting fireworks

  • After igniting the firework, quickly move away from the explosive

  • Only ignite one firework at a time

  • Do not relight “dud” fireworks – wait at least 20 minutes and then soak it in water

  • Visit the National Council on Fireworks Safety website to review further precautionary tips

Hosting a Party at Your Home

  • Pay attention to alcohol consumption and provide an adequate amount of food and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Hiring a bar tender? – Acquire documentation that he/she has completed a seller certification course for certification by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

  • Liquor Liability – Under Texas law, a homeowner could be held liability if underage drinking takes place during the planned event

  • Review the limits on your liability insurance and obtain an umbrella policy to fill the potential gaps in your coverage

  • Be aware when renting a bounce house, drink machine and other party rentals, property damage may not be included under your policy

  • Bring your party plans to a trusted insurance advisor at Swingle Collins & Associates to review the potential risks and ensure proper coverage is obtained

Boating Safety

  • Review your watercraft’s weight limit and refrain from overloading the boat with too many passengers

  • Store life preservers on the boat for the number and sizes of passengers on board

  • Assign a designated watercraft operator to avoid alcohol consumption before and during boat operation

  • Clearly communicate where you are going on each boat ride and the amount of time you plan to be away

  • Be aware and continuously watch for other boats, jet skis and swimmers in the water to avoid collisions

  • Operate your watercraft defensively

  • Review your watercraft insurance policy with your Swingle Collins & Associates personal lines advisor

Swingle Collins & Associates sincerely hopes your family has a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!

God Bless America & God Bless Texas!