Receive a Text Message if Your Home Appliances Are Leaking or About to Freeze

37% of all residential insurance claims are water damage related. According to the Insurance Information Institute, each year, one out of every fifty-five homes has a water damage claim. That makes the annual cost paid out by insurance companies $2.5 billion to repair the water damage.

There is a way to reduce and even eliminate the chances of this happening to your home. New technological advancements and tools have been developed to alert homeowners of water leaks and give them the power to turn off their water while away from home. These resources can be programmed to send a text message to the homeowner if there is a water burst or leak and can remotely shut off the water source before the damage gets out of hand. They can also detect the temperature of your water pipes to decrease the chances of bursting. Certain residential security companies will also offer to include water sensors in their central system package.

In addition to keeping your home water damage free, select insurance carriers will provide incentives to their clients who choose to implement these safe guards. Some carriers might even pay deductible relief.

Appliances or areas of your home to consider utilizing water sensors would be:

  • Dishwasher

  • Refrigerator

  • Sinks

  • Showers and bathtubs

  • Toilets

  • Washing machines

  • Water heaters

  • Air conditioning unit

  • Basement pipes

Water sensor tools to consider are:

  • Home security/water damage prevention packages

  • Flologic

  • Leak Defense

  • WaterCop

  • Waterbug

  • Fortrezz

Check with you trusting Swingle Collins insurance advisor today to see which programs will be the most beneficial to you and your home.