Storm and Flash Flood Season is Approaching! Flood Insurance for High Value Homes

Storm season is in full swing and while we are happy to receive all of the rain water to alleviate our typical summer drought, the looming threat of flash floods, landslides and mudflows are among us. The DFW area has experienced devastating losses due to the flash floods this spring season. Homes, cars and businesses have been destroyed and day to day lifestyles have been altered.

Due to Dallas’ land locked location, society disregards the need for flood insurance and misses the opportunity to gain protection and coverage. Geological surveys show that many areas in the heart of Dallas such as Turtle Creek, which runs through Highland Park and Uptown, are susceptible to flooding. Taking the necessary precautions to protect your family and your assets throughout each rainfall is imminent and affordable.

Swingle Collins & Associates is the strongest link you will be able to find to connect you with the leading flood insurance programs available. As a long-term partner with carriers such as Chubb, Nationwide Private Client, Cincinnati, and Pure Insurance, we can provide families and their businesses with exclusive access to Private Flood Insurance Programs that provide superior coverage along with competitive prices.

These programs were created to compete directly with the National Flood Insurance Program to offer better personal and commercial coverage options with lower rates and fees.  Swingle Collins & Associates also focuses on providing exceptional flood insurance options and rapid repairs to ensure that each client will be able to return to their previous activities of daily living in a timely manner.

The SCA flood insurance program provides numerous benefits that surpass our competitor’s programs such as:

  • Damaged property and possession are settled on a replacement cost basis, not actual cash value, regardless of depreciation due to flooding

  • Assurance that your home will be built back to code

  • Added protection for flood damage prone areas of the home such as basements

  • Replacement cost coverage for treasured possessions and personal property

  • Protection and coverage if your family must live elsewhere throughout repairs

  • Precautionary coverage measures taken to avoid future damage

Businesses and Homeowners insurance policies do not typically cover flood damage. This is why it is increasingly more important to assess the potential damage that may ensue each rainy season and to build a relationship with an insurance agent that can provide you with the best coverage available.

Swingle Collins & Associates is prepared and enthusiastic about serving each of our clients to ensure protection and coverage for this stormy season along with the rainfall to come. Contact us today to alleviate and eliminate the potential stress that a flood may bear on your home, family or business.