Insurance FAQ for Remodeling or Building Your Home

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, there are some important insurance issues to consider.

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Insurance Packing List for Your Next Vacation

An overview of what the policies you may consider for your next family or solo trip, no matter the destination. From kidnap and ransom insurance to emergency medical evacuation coverage, these policies are built with your safety in mind.

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We've Been Scouted by The Dallas Scout Guide

Swingle Collins & Associates has been Scouted for the third edition of The Scout Guide Dallas. Highlighting local experts in every field from food and wine to real estate and insurance, The Scout Guide has become a trusted resource for locals and travelers alike.

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Dangerous Dog Breeds: Is Your Dog a Liability?

Why are some dog breeds considered dangerous? We review the 25 dog dog breeds labeled “dangerous,” and what you can do to protect your personal liability if your best bud happens to be one of them.

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How to Insure Recreational Vehicles

Does my homeowners insurance policy cover my golf cart, ATV, snowmobile, trail bike, go-kart, or motorized toy car?

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Boating Safety Checklist

Whether you own a boat, jet ski, yacht or house boat, it is important to take a moment to review the watercraft’s insurance policy as well as general boating safety procedures before setting out on the water.

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Insuring Personal Firearms

The cheapest way to insure your firearms would be to solely use the coverage provided to you in your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. But let’s talk about the right way to insure your firearms.

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