Electronic Equipment - Personal Auto Policy

personal auto electronics insurance Do I need special coverage for my GPS, DVD player and other electronic equipment in my vehicle?

This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently.

Americans have developed a love affair with their electronic toys.  TVs, DVD players, GPS devices, satellite radio receivers, VCRs, CD players, computers, tape decks, and stereos (and more) have all multiplied and spread from the home to the automobile, where there is a much greater chance for these items to be stolen or damaged in an accident.  For that reason, some insurance companies have developed special ways to either cover or not cover electronic devices on the standard auto insurance policy, or charge an extra premium for covering them.

Your personal auto policy covers equipment designed for use with an automobile and attached to it or normally carried in it, but some exclusions and limitations may apply, including:

  • No coverage (or a limited amount of coverage) for stereos, radios or other sound reproducing equipment (such as tape decks, CD players, DVD players, video cassette recorders and players, and audio cassette recorders and players), unless these items are permanently installed in your vehicle.    Coverage on these items may be available for an additional premium. If the policy covers the items but limits the amount of coverage (such as $1,000 or $1,500 in some policies), a higher amount of coverage may be available for an additional premium.
  • No coverage for CB radios, 2-way radios, telephones, TVs, VCRs, personal computers, scanning monitor receivers, navigation systems or other similar types of equipment, or any accessories related to these devices (such as antennas).  Some policies cover these types of equipment if they are permanently installed in your vehicle.  Coverage on these items may be available for an additional premium.
  • No coverage for radar detectors or other speed measuring equipment.
  • No coverage for tapes, CDs, DVDs or other devices used with equipment.  Coverage may be available for an additional premium.

If you use or carry electronic equipment in your vehicle, call your agent and ask him or her to help you complete an Electronic Equipment Checklist.  The checklist will help your agent determine if additional coverage is needed and available.

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