Our commercial risk advisory specializes in working directly with key shareholders of businesses to customize coverage plans based on each company’s protection needs.

Our personal risk advisors specialize in designing insurance coverage solutions to minimize successful families’ exposure to loss.

Our benefits team handles the logistical work related to proper coverage for your staff. We ensure your employees receive the best coverage available—and that you aren’t paying more than you should for coverage.

We offer a range of bond protection and loss recovery services, including Surety Bonds, Commercial Bonds, Construction Bonds, Court Bonds, and License & Permit Bonds.

I can honestly say that Swingle Collins raises the bar for all other service professionals across every industry. Swingle Collins has a firm grasp on insurance and risk management, a compelling dedication to their clients, and a proactive commitment to customer service. I would recommend Swingle Collins to any CFO or business owner.
— Paul J.