Employers InsuranceSwingle Collins & Associates proudly represents Employers Insurance - Dallas and all of its underwriting companies that provide workers’ compensation insurance and related services to select American businesses. Through Swingle Collins, companies can access coverage through EMPLOYERS workers’ compensation coast-to-coast. Like Swingle Collins & Associates, Employers Insurance - Dallas focuses on “Main Street” businesses operating in low-to-medium hazard industries. A.M. Best Rating Swingle Collins & Associates is pleased to work with EMPLOYERS insurance which is rated A- (excellent) by A.M. Best Company. Best’s Financial Strength Rating is an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

Geographic Operations EMPLOYERS insurance offers workers’ compensation insurance and related services in the following states and the District of Columbia:

Employer's Services Offered in:
Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Florida
Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Kentucky Maryland
Iowa Kansas Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana
Oklahoma Oregon New Mexico Nevada Pennsylvania North Carolina
South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Wisconsin


  • Small businesses in low-to-medium hazard industries
  • Distribution through Swingle Collins and Associates
  • Nearly 50,000 policies as of 5/1/2011

Employers Insurance Here are just a few reasons Swingle Collins can make a difference for your business through EMPLOYERS

Competitive Pricing— As a provider of choice for many associations, Employers offers premium discounts and dividends as well as long term savings through proven services.

Cash Flow Assistance— Employers insurance flexible payment plans and low minimum premiums can help you manage your cash flow more effectively.

Stability and Dependability— From coast to coast, you can count on Employers’ financial strength and nearly 100 years of experience to be there when you need them most.

Fair and Efficient Claim Handling— Employers’ insurance 24/7, multilingual claim reporting center executes a prompt, three point contact with physicians, employers and injured workers to help evaluate care and control claim cost.

Anti-Fraud Programs— Employers’ investigations staff has over 100 years of combined law enforcement and prosecutorial experience and has achieved tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent workers’ compensation insurance claims savings.

Loss Control Support— Employers’ Loss Control Connectionhas online resources to help you build a risk management program focused on preventing workplace injuries, along with up-to-date OSHA information and other online tools and materials.

Large Network of Care Facilities— Employers can help you identify an appropriate care center in your area, so you know where to go before the need arises.

Managed Care Services— With Employers’ managed care services, your employees get effective treatments that will help them recover quickly and get back on the job.

What EMPLOYERS' customers are saying...

Greg Goodwin | Employers Policyholder
“It’s a tough market out there right now and when we were ready to renew our workers’ compensation insurance policy, it was great to have EMPLOYERS submit the best quote. On top of providing the best quote, they suggested a membership in a small business group (NFIB) that would lead to even greater savings for our company.” —Greg Goodwin President Friar Tux Shop EMPLOYERS Policyholder
Frances Lieu | Employers Policyholder
“I chose EMPLOYERS on the recommendation of my insurance agent several years ago and have been happy with the services they provide. The people I’ve worked with have been customer focused and have made my job as a policyholder easy, which is important because it allows me to spend time on what’s important – running my restaurant.” —Frances Lieu Lieu’s Chinese Bistro EMPLOYERS Policyholder

Some questions you should ask your current workers’ comp carrier

  • Do you offer a medical provider network that can help manage the costs associated with an injured worker’s claim?
  • Do you offer flexible payment plans?
  • Do you offer online loss control tools to help businesses keep their employees safe?