Texas Wildfires-How to Protect Your Home

Imagine this….The Texas Wildfires are fast approaching your Possum Kingdom lake house.  What goes through your mind?  “Get to Safety, This is why I buy insurance, right?”  Fire is a covered cause of loss, but imagine how furious you would be if you found out after your house had burned to the ground that preventative measures could have been taken to save the house…For FREE? According to the Insurance Council of Texas in 2012, “Wildfires in Texas have now consumed more than 1.5 million acres of land and Mother Nature has offered no relief in sight. The entire state faces drought-like conditions and strong southerly winds are making the fire dangers worse.”  Over 245 homes have been destroyed and hundreds more are in peril.  What can homeowners do to protect their home?  Depending on your insurance carrier, you may have the ability to enroll in the Wildfire Defense Systems or have a personal fire fighting team protect your home.

Chubb Insurance developed a Wildfire Defense Service which will deploy a leading fire management organization to help protect your home and prevent you from having to pay out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a wildfire. Temporary water lines with sprinklers may be laid around the perimeter of the home. Combustible articles, such as grass welcome mats and patio furniture, may be moved to reduce the potential for fires started by airborne embers. Dead or dying limbs may be collected. A thin barrier of Thermo-gel® may be applied to the home or landscaping around the home if the threat of wildfire becomes imminent.  Thermo-Gel is a fire-preventing and heat-absorbing Class A fire-retardant gel. The gel particles adhere directly to a house or other structure and quickly extinguish any flames or burning materials that come into contact with the gel.  Thermo-Gel is 98% water; it is environmentally compatible and can be used on all types of trees and vegetation. Thermo-Gel is approved by the U.S. Forest Service, so it is safe for the house and the environment.

Not all carriers offer a Wildfire Defense program, but Swingle Collins & Associates is focused on protecting the assets of all our clients.   Please feel free to contact me to determine if you qualify to participate in the Wildfire Defense program.

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