Texas Mutual Distributes $1,257,258.88 to Swingle Collins Clients

Texas-Mutual-insurance-agent-DallasFor the past seventeen years Texas Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance has been fortunate enough to distribute significant dividends to their most loyal policyholders. Although dividends are not guaranteed, Texas Mutual has had great success and chooses to share their earnings similar to companies offering stock to the public. Rewarding those that strive to implement and achieve a safe work place is of high importance to both Texas Mutual and Swingle Collins & Associates. This year, over 170 of our clients received dividends for their positive loss history, adding up to $1,257,258.88. By managing our clients reporting and reducing their losses, we have the opportunity to guide them in a way that will ultimately maximize their dividends and lead them towards success. Texas Mutual is a proven and trusted carrier that we are proud to work with.

Opportunities you may consider to increase your chances of receiving dividends are:

  • Visit your trusted insurance advisor to review your current policies and company safety protocol
  • Examine and actively manage work place safety programs to minimize accidents
  • File claims in a timely manner
  • Implement a “Return-To-Work” program

Here at Swingle Collins & Associates, our top priority is to provide our clients with the best short and long-term opportunities. Insuring the finest families since 1982, we are a seasoned team of risk managers that are eager to advise our current and future clients.