Swingle Collins and EMPLOYERS Offer Anti-Fraud Programs and Investigative Help

anti fraud insurance Swingle Collins is able to provide investigative help through EMPLOYERS, who actively pursues criminal prosecution of suspected workers’ compensation fraud.

The EMPLOYERS Fraud Investigations Department operates a comprehensive Anti-Fraud Program that discourages individuals from attempting to defraud EMPLOYERS and its policyholders and aggressively pursues the criminal prosecution of those who cannot be deterred.

  • All states have criminal statutes that support the criminal prosecution of workers’ compensation fraud (specific workers’ compensation fraud, general insurance fraud, and theft or larceny statutes).
  • Employee Fraud:  Filing a false workers’ compensation claim can lead to jail, prison, probation, restitution, community service, and loss of your job.
  • Employer Fraud:  Under-reporting of payroll or mis-classifying employees can lead to fines, penalties, and the loss of your EMPLOYERS policy.
  • Just as cases of suspected vehicle theft and burglary should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency, so should cases of suspected workers’ compensation fraud.

Swingle Collins insureds have access to the personnel who staff the Fraud Investigations Department at EMPLOYERS possess over 100 years of combined law enforcement experience. They know how to investigate and “package” cases of suspected workers’ compensation fraud, and collaborate with law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies to achieve results.