Supporting our Troops during the holidays

The holidays around Swingle Collins & Associates means one thing: we’re shopping, packing and mailing like mad men and women. But it’s not the usual manic rush to get presents out to our loved ones out of state. We’re doing it to support our troops. Just like we do every year. Each November we ask our partners and staff to donate items from a long list of “love to have’s” provided to us by the military troops themselves. After we have a huge pile of presents, we diligently pack and send these items overseas to an active-duty military troop who will not be able to be home for the holidays. Typically we identify a troop that has a connection to someone on our staff, our clients or our carriers. This year we were so pleased to send 53 boxes to a troop in Afghanistan that Frank Swingle’s son-in-law’s brother's troop.

C Troop 1-10 Cavalry stationed in Afghanistan was thrilled and so very thankful for our secret Santa surprise which included:

Lots of food, candy and snacks

Games and cards

Toiletry items-soap, shaving cream, toothpaste/brushes, razors, powder, lotion, chapstick

Footballs, basketballs, books, magazines

Stationary and pens/pencils

Socks and hand warmers

Lots of misc and smaller items

It’s our small way to say thank you to these brave men and women for all that they do to protect us here at home. Our staff gives generously and we look forward to doing this every year. If you have a suggestion on how we can support a troop in need, please contact us with information about who and where they are stationed.

Here's an email from C-Troop 1-10 Calvary:

Hey Michelle!!
I hope this finds you well after the holidays and enjoying the start of 2012!
I wanted to write and let you know how much your generosity and support meant to the team out here this Christmas.   Swingle Collins certainly brought out the Christmas spirit and smiles to all the guys here.  The attached picture shows a couple soldiers wrapping 53 boxes up in back issues of a newspaper for deployed soldiers.  They wrapped all the boxes and opened them like Christmas presents!!   You all certainly gave the soldiers a taste of home for Christmas, and all the boxes arrived in perfect time for the celebration.
I'll have more pictures to send your way very soon, but just wanted you to know how much your efforts were appreciated.
Many thanks and Happy New Year!
Take care,
swingle collins supports our troops Swingle  Collins supports the troops
Swingle Collins supports the troops Swingle Collins supports the troops
Read our letter from our Troops here!

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