Restaurant Insurance: Cyber Risks-Is Your Restaurant Exposed?

In the insurance world one of the hottest topics in recent years has been Cyber Liability. Even though it’s talked and written about frequently, many companies have yet to address the exposure. Let’s first examine where the exposure may lie for a restaurant. Your business may be at risk if you have a social media account, a company website, and type of computer system that is connected to the internet.

Areas of Exposure

Company Website

Facebook Account

Point of Sale System

Twitter Account

Internet-Connected Computer

Company Laptop


Undoubtedly, the majority of restaurateurs use these types of exposures to function properly and build a name in the community. Some of the risks that restaurants face with employing these types of exposures can be, for example, your business may be exposed to loss of data due to a virus that finds its way into your hard drive that hold not only the detailed operations data, but also the point of sale system. If your business has electronic payment options, computer hackers could gain access to your customer’s credit card information or other sensitive data. Or, unknowingly, your website may contain data that leaves you exposed to a copyright or trademark infringement lawsuit.

Cyber Risks

Data Security Breach

Lost or Stolen Laptops

Network Security Attack

Virus- Data Corruption

Copyright or Trademark Infringement


These risks are typically not covered in the standard restaurant commercial insurance policy. The result in any type of Cyber loss can be devastating to a restaurant. This can manifest itself in not only costs associated with the loss, but also in reputational damages. Some of the costs can be credit monitoring fees, legal fees, or loss of business income.

Swingle Collins is committed to making sure their clients are aware of the exposures are addressed and covered properly. If you are unsure if your restaurant has the right coverage in place we will help you review your current policy and let you know what potential risks your business is unprotected from.

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