Providing the Service Expected

Industry: Landscaping

Exposure: $10 million

Coverage Benefit: Added Coverage for New Scope of Operations

Savings: 30%

Insurance Problem

The client was not receiving the attention or service they thought they deserved. The company was aggressively trying to grow, so they had entered into other areas of operations that needed to be addressed from an insurance perspective. Their current agent was doing a poor job of answering questions that arose during growth and, therefore, their current insurance program was insufficient.

Risk Management Solution

After assessing the client’s risk profile, we discovered that various coverage limits were inadequate or missing all together. Swingle Collins determined that while the pricing of the policy was not terrible, the value of the insurance was steeply misrepresented. After further analyzing their coverage we also determined that the client was misclassified altogether.Through gathering valuable information from the client and answering multiple questions their current agent could not, Swingle Collins was able to determine the adequate amount of coverage needed and point out additional lines of coverage that the client did not even know existed.


The company was able to add the correct coverage needed for their new operations and fix coverage for their continuing operations. Because the client had been misclassified, we saved them 30% on their overall premiums.