Insurance for extreme sports competitions and adventure races

A recent and horrific accident during The Original Fort Worth Mud Run left people concerned about safety checks and regularities of the annual extreme sports competition. CBS-11’s Jason Allen reported on the Mud Run incident and asked the experts at Swingle Collins for insight into the insurance that would be required for similar extreme sporting events and adventure races and what an regulations they would be required to have.

Kirk Dreyer, an attorney with Swingle Collins explains the process: Before an event organizer can be awarded a permit, they would first need to secure insurance for the extreme sports and adventure race competition. Leading insurance companies would research the parent company and event before making an underwriting decision. The insurance underwriters will request many details before issuing insurance for an extreme sports competition or adventure race. Dreyer further explained that those questions can include asking for the waiver, what safety plans they have in place, and what contingency plans they are willing to employ.The goal is to vett out any risks that could occur during the competition.

Dryer continued that in the case of The Original Mud Run, the depth of the water would be a consideration when issuing insurance. It would be depend on how the (insurance) policy was written for the Mud Run, plus it would be significant that the organizer said that they provided a way around the water for those runners who choose to use it.

According to Allen, before the Mud Run could proceed, “They do have to have a permit, they do have to have an insurance policy. That does not necessarily mean that there would be someone else out there walking the course to see of race organizers follow through on what they say they will do.”

Allen’s investigation shows that often permits for Mud Runs would be issued on how event organizers will use the land, and not how they will provide for people involved. He also states that that competitors do not need to know how to swim in order to compete.

If you are considering competing in an extreme sports event, research the safety record of the competition, their events insurance coverage and ensure your own insurance policies are up to date.