How to Insure Your Home with Chubb and Save Money

Home Discounts Chubb rewards homeowners for protecting their homes. The steps you take may significantly lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. In many states Chubb offers premium credits for security, fire and burglar alarm systems, and other protective measures.

insurance credits for gated home

Swingle Collins is a preferred representative of Chubb insurance company. As a matter of fact, Swingle Collins has been recognized as a Chubb Cornerstone Agency since the day that they created the designation. Being a Chubb Cornerstone Agency gives our agents access and knowledge to understand all of the credits homeowners deserve and assure that you are getting Chubb’s best premium pricing.

Listed below are credits that you may already have but which are not yet receiving credit.

Portfolio Discounts

Home with Auto: When you insure your primary home and autos with Chubb, you will receive a credit on your homeowner’s premium.

Home with Valuable Articles: In the same way, when you insure valuable articles with Chubb, you are eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Other Home and Contents Policy Discounts:

  • Burglar alarm
  • 24 hour signal continuity protection for central station or direct fire and burglar alarm systems which activates the alarm when interrupted.
  • Closed-circuit TV cameras monitored 24 hours a day
  • Fire alarm
  • New house
  • Renovated house
  • Gated community patrol service
  • Residential sprinkler system
  • Fire resistive
  • Masonry construction
  • Loss free
  • Storm shutter
  • Suburban rating
  • Building security protection
  • Building fire protection
  • Fire resistive construction
  • Masonry construction
  • Loss free
  • Storm shutter
  • Suburban rating
  • Masterpiece Condominium/Cooperative Preference
  • Detection system, external to the residence, which is motion activated and monitored 24 hours a day
  • 24 hour, on-site security guard
  • Fulltime caretaker who lives at the residence year round.
  • Sprinkler system water flow alarm which activates a central station or direct alarm.
  • Temperature monitoring system, to protect against freezing, which activates a central station alarm.
  • Permanently installed, electrical back-up generator.
  • Perimeter gate where vehicular and pedestrian access is limited to entrances controlled by locked or electronic gates.
  • Explosive gas leakage detector which activates a central station or direct fire alarm.
  • Automatic seismic shut-off valve to gas lines.
  • Lightning protection system including lightning rods and lightning arrestors protecting the electrical wiring and all electronic devices of the entire house.
  • Water leak detection system monitoring all areas containing plumbing devices and outlets.
  • Wildfire suppression system which is manually activated, activated through the telephone, or automatically activated by a fire sensor.
  • This information is advisory in nature. No liability is assumed by reason of the information in this document.

All insurance agents do not know about all of these credits and subsequently do not apply all of the credits to their customers’ policies. Often, Swingle Collins can assume the representation for a client and find credits that have not been applied to their Chubb policy and save the client money. If you would like us to review your coverage, contact us and Swingle Collins will make sure you are getting all of the premium credits you deserve from Chubb Insurance Company.