High Hazard Property Insurance Solution

High Hazard Insurance CompanyIf your company handles highly flammable property or has difficult property to insure then Swingle Collins can help!

Does your business handle any of these compounds?

  • Industrial—inorganic and organic chemicals
  • Plastic materials
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Adhesives
  • Explosives
  • Soaps, detergents and cleaners
  • Paints, pigments, varnishes, and resins
  • Electroplating and anodizing
  • Automotive fuels and lubricants
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Miscellaneous chemicals

Do you need our High-hazard Insurance coverage program?

Companies that manufacture distribute, warehouse, or transport high-hazard substances need protection from the potential risks inherent to high-hazard businesses. Unfortunately, most insurance underwriters do not like to insure heavy property risk because they’re afraid of the risks. Their reinsurance treaty excludes difficult property risks. Their home offices will not approve insuring high hazard exposures, and/or they have experienced a major loss from a high-hazard property insurance risk. Whatever the problem, insuring the risk for most insurance companies and lack of underwriting companies, hurt businesses that need their high-hazard property insured. Not only do we understand how to insure high-hazard property, we also can often insure the property very cost effectively and quickly. As a matter OF? experience, we bind 85% of all companies who qualify, that apply for coverage and our high hazard property insurance program at extremely effective pricing. Below are listed many types of companies that we have successfully insured.

  • Adhesives Manufacturing Insurance
  • Aerosols’ Insurance
  • Auto Parts’ Insurance
  • Battery Recycling Insurance
  • Biodiesel Insurance
  • Boat Manufacturing Insurance
  • Building Owner — Lessors Risk
  • Cabinet Manufacturing Insurance
  • Candle Manufacturing Insurance
  • Chemicals’ Manufacturing Insurance
  • Coatings’ Insurance
  • Composites’ Insurance
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturing Insurance
  • Cosmetics’ Insurance
  • Electroplating Insurance
  • Equipment/Assembly Insurance
  • Explosives’ Insurance
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing Insurance
  • Fiberglass Manufacturing Insurance
  • Fireworks Storage & Manufacturing Insurance
  • Foam, Foam Rubber Insurance
  • Food Additives’ Insurance
  • Food Processing — Spray Drying Insurance
  • Furniture Manufacturing Insurance

The mark of an exceptional specialty property insurance program is its ability to help companies avoid a loss in the first place. Our loss control specialists (fire protection engineers, inspectors, etc.) work cooperatively to help your business practice loss control and best practices aimed at lowering the chances of a disastrous incident. In addition, our property insurance loss control specialists monitor a company’s renovation projects, review new construction specifications, and provide loss control recommendations. All of these expert loss control activities

  • Heat Treating Insurance
  • Janitorial Supplies’ Insurance
  • Labs’ Insurance
  • Laminating Insurance
  • Lubricants manufacturing Insurance
  • Machine Shop Insurance
  • Match Manufacturing Insurance
  • Mattress Manufacturing Insurance
  • Ordnance/Munitions Insurance
  • Paper Products Property Insurance
  • Pesticides Manufacturing Property Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Insurance
  • Plastic Manufacturing Insurance
  • Printing Insurance
  • Resins Manufacturing Insurance
  • Rubber Manufacturing Insurance
  • Shoe Manufacturing Insurance
  • Solvents Manufacturing Insurance
  • Sporting Goods Manufacturing Insurance
  • Synthetic Oil Packaging Insurance
  • Textiles — Standard & Impregnated
  • Tire Distribution, Recycling & Re-capping Insurance
  • Volatile Metals Manufacturing Insurance
  • Wood Pallet Insurance

High-Hazard Property Insurance Program Loss Control

help keep a company’s insurance premiums as low as they can be. Any company with high-hazard property derives better pricing and service because of our high-hazard property insurance loss control services.

High-Hazard Property Insurance Program Endorsements

• American Coatings Association© – The only endorsed program of the American Coatings Association, since 1979

• Chemical Solutions© – Expertise, experience and customized solutions for chemical exposures

• No Sprinklers, No Problem© – A market of choice for distressed or under-protected property