Dentists' Insurance Program

Dentists have unique exposures and plenty of assets to protect.   There are good ways to defend against dental exposure and the best (the right) way.   We have the correct coverage to solve all of your insurable dental practices exposure and liability needs  The program is to be a one stop opportunity to cover all of your practices property and liability needs. Dentists Insurance

Important Property Options

  • Blanket Basket Endorsement – Provides a $150,000 blanket limit above the base limits for accounts receivable; data processing equipment; electronic data processing; property and media; debris removal; valuable papers and records;* water back-up of sewer, drains, septic systems or sump pumps.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Includes medical equipment. Machinery and equipment coverage can be added to protect you from costly repairs and business interruptions due to a covered cause of loss to covered equipment.

Dentist's General Liability

Cincinnati’s business general liability provides you:

  • An occurrence trigger for bodily injury and property damage for premises operations and products liability up to $1,000,000** each occurrence.
  • Protection for personal and advertising injury.
  • Medical expenses up to $5,000** per person.
  • Coverage for damage to premises rented to you.
  • On-premises exception to pollution exclusion (for injuries caused by vapors).

Dentist's Professional Liability Coverage

Cincinnati covers your professional liability on an occurrence basis versus claims-made coverage. If you are transitioning from a claims-made policy, Cincinnati can provide prior-acts coverage to give you continuous protection.

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Occurrence coverage form

The occurrence coverage form includes many benefits.  Most every professional liability policy is written on a claims made coverage form. Our program Is one of the only occurrence forms paired with the general liability making it more seem less and helping avoid coverage gaps or multiple carrier conflicts most standalone insurance programs created

Separate limits of insurance

Dental professional liability insurance policy provides individual limits of liability for each insured dentist, the legal entity and each hygienist and dental assistant, while working for an insured dentist even if the same incident names multiple covered parties.

Pure consent to settle clause (except Florida)

Pure consent applies both to the named dentist and to the corporate/partnership entity. A professional liability claim will not be settled without your consent, and there are no repercussions.

Option to purchase professional umbrella liability insurance protection

Dental practices who consider increased limits of liability can purchase professional limits into umbrella policy.