Customizing an Insurance Program for Large Property Schedules

Industry: Real Estate Exposure: $25,000,000

Coverage Benefit: Reduced Property and GL Rates, Moved to One Expiration Date, Met Major Lenders Requirements

Savings: 30%

Insurance Problem

A large real estate owner had a property schedule for which they insured each location separately, with different companies and on different effective dates. This insured paid higher insurance premiums, because each policy had single location rates. The current agents' policies also underinsured some properties, and led to a certificate management nightmare.

Risk Management Solution

By building a custom insurance program for this real estate company's portfolio, we were able to combine the locations onto one policy, and thus acquire great discounted property and casualty insurance rates, which meant lower premium for the insured. We also made sure each property had enough insurance, and that the business owner had a single point of contact for both his commercial and personal insurance.


The law of large numbers means that we could negotiate lower premium for this client by putting all his properties on one policy. This had the added benefit of giving him one expiration date. In other words, he only had to worry about insurance once a year. And because the insured now had a single point of contact for his insurance, managing certificates went from being a nightmare to a walk in the park.