Control of Well Insurance

Well control is the technique used in oil and gas operations such as drilling, well workover, and well completions to maintaining the fluid column hydrostatic pressure and formation pressure to prevent influx of formation fluids into the wellbore. As long as there are drilling operations there will always be potential well control problems. Most well control problems are the result of human errors and or equipment failures which can be eliminated, although some are unavoidable. Since we know the consequences of a well out of control are severe, efforts should be made to prevent the root causes of these incidents.

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These causes include:

  • Lack of knowledge and experience of rig personnel
  • Lack of well control data in the area
  • Improper work practices
  • Lack of well control training
  • Lack of application of policies, procedures, and standards
  • Inadequate risk management
  • Defective, improperly installed or inadequate equipment

Control of Well Insurance covers expenses incurred in regaining control of a well after 'blowout', and may include: Offshore Rig - Control of Well Insurance

  • Re-drilling Expense (covers the expense incurred in the restoring or the re-drilling of a well after a blowout to the original depth and comparable condition prior to the loss.)
  • Cost and expenses incurred for cleanup and surface remediation expenses following a well out of control.
  • Legal and/or contractual liability for pollution damages to third parties resulting from a well out of control including defense expenses.
  • Cost to control an underground blowout including resulting restoration and redrilling expenses
  • Sudden and Accidental Seepage and Pollution
  • Evacuation Expense
  • Deliberate Well Firing
  • Care Custody and Control (loss of in-hole equipment due to well out of control or all-risk damage to surface equipment for which you are contractually or legally liable)

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