Commercial Insurance Practice

Dallas Business For over twenty-five years, the cornerstone of Swingle Collins & Associates has been saving insurance premiums for entrepreneurs, business owners, business operators and their risk managers throughout Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and in all 50 states. Our goal is to make commercial insurance easy to understand and to help our clients make their best decision when insuring and risk managing their companies. We assist our client in finding the broadest coverage, with the best carrier relationship at the most effective price. We are able deliver the most valuable insurance solution because we know your industry; we get to know what is important to you by understanding your company. We focus on understanding our underwriters' risk preference better than any agency in the market.

We make insurance and risk management easy to understand and so well priced by investing an unbelievable amount of time educating our Dallas staff compared with other agencies in our industry. We pride ourselves on the insurance knowledge we have developed. Once we sit down with you, we take this knowledge even further by learning as much as we can about the unique needs of your business and by working with you to develop best way to protect your business from financial catastrophe.

By building a relationship between your business leaders and our staff, we can help you to reduce risk by adding safe practices, transfer risk by fine-tuning your insurance policies and eliminate risk by removing any mistakes or catastrophic holes from your insurance coverage and driving your risk cost down.

Let us perform a free analysis of your current property & casualty insurance policies. Whether your policies are about to expire or have just renewed, our agents are happy to check your coverage for fair prices and complete coverage. Give us the chance to watch your back. It’s what we do best.

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