Managing Tangible Assets: Completing the Picture of Wealth

The Growing Importance of Tangible Assets More people are investing their wealth into tangle assets such as valuable art, antiques, jewelry, and wine collections because of their perceived ability to hold value during market fluctuations.

Managing Tangible Assets

High Net Worth Blind Spot


Affluent people are usually sophisticated in the market of financials when it comes to their professional lives, unfortunately that does not frequently carry over to their personal lives. Often consumers will leave their personal tangible assets uninsured or improperly insured, leaving them more susceptible to loss. Time and again wealthy households simply do not understand the importance of protecting their asset class until it is too late.

Challenges of Managing Tangible AssetsManaging Tangible Assets

Value and Authenticity

Market value of tangible assets can change rapidly. It is important to get items appraised regularly to protect such investments as their values change. Appraisals from qualified professionals can also minimize potential forgeries and other risks.


In order to know the worth of items and to take the proper steps to avoid losing it, investors have to know exactly what they possess through proper documentation. If a family doesn’t retain an updated inventory, they leave themselves vulnerable to unplanned taxes, discrepancies, serious financial loss, and the inability to pass down their assets to the next generation.

Estate and Tax Planning

Tax planning is just as important as proper valuation because proper reporting of tangible assets can actually help families save in taxes and can avoid unnecessary or unknown taxes.

Loss Prevention

Managing Tangible AssetsAll tangible assets are subject to countless risks including physical damage, theft and ruins over time. Yet affluent consumers often neglect to take proactive steps to protect their jewelry, art, wine, and other valuables from threats. These investors, who fail to properly address the threat of an asset unexpectedly dropping from $1 million in value to $0, remain vulnerable to severe financial loss.


Proper insurance represents a critical part of a complete wealth protection plan. Families and their wealth advisors should start addressing this need with one of the many Swingle Collins & Associates agents who specialize in serving prosperous clients. Unfortunately, many consumers are currently under insured, and usually find out too late. To avoid such a travesty, families need to first give proper information to the agents, next they must have their items properly priced, and then they should seek added protection of a valuables policy for high value possessions in order to be fully covered.

Technology Emerging For Tangible Wealth Management

Solving the onerous challenges of collecting and usefully managing information through technology is the goal of a handful emerging companies. Through developing technologies, such as the Cloud by Trov, organization and maintenance of the information regarding investors’ tangible assets will be more straightforward and less troublesome.

Vision of the Future

When investors know what they have and know what it is really worth, they are able to make better decisions. With precise, up-to-date valuations and proper documentation of tangible assets, insurance companies will be able to help protect valuables. Management and safety will be improved; also enjoyment of prized possessions will be enhanced in the future.

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