An Attentive Agent Makes All the Difference

Industry: Manufacturing Exposure: $20 million

Coverage Benefit: Fixed Business Income Limit and Added $2,000,000 in Property Coverage

Savings: $15,000

A manufacturer had properties in two states. When they brought their current agent's policies to Swingle Collins & Associates for a review, it was discovered that their buildings were severely underinsured. The business income limit was also inadequate. Unfortunately for the client, the workers compensation policy was massively overpriced.  By negotiating in the insurance marketplace and by fully explaining the risk to the underwriter, Swingle Collins was able to adequately insure all of the property, bump the business income limit to a sufficient amount and drop the rates on the workers compensation policy.  In the end, we added over $2,000,000 in property values but were able to save the client more than $15,000.