Agency adopts U.S. Navy Seabees Unit

Each year during the holiday season, Swingle Collins & Associates adopts a soldier. Usually the soldier is a loved one related to an agency employee. This year, however, Operations Manager Apryl Iley approached America First Insurance to see if one of its employees had a loved on stationed overseas.

She found AFI commercial lines Underwriting Assistant Jill Newsom and her 22-year-old son, Kyle, who serves in a 30-person U.S. Navy Seabees construction battalion currently deployed.

The agency generously decided to adopt the entire unit and collected toiletries, batteries, cards, blankets and electronics to send to the soldiers. Each of the thirty soldiers received a personal gift box.

"The way the agency employees responded was so heartfelt, it was almost overwhelming," said Newsom. "It's even more beautiful when it's your son on the receiving end of such gratitude from people who haven't even met him."

"Our staff is very generous," added Iley. "The best part of this experience for me was watching their faces light up as they heard their gifts were received and enjoyed by the soldiers."

(This article first appeared in America First Insurance's quarterly newsletter, "...Because relationships matter")

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