2013 Texas Legislature - Insurance Changes

In 2013, there were quite a few state laws passed in the legislature that affect Texans and their property & casualty insurance. The laws listed below were passed during the summer session and took effect September 1, 2013: Named Driver Policies A "named driver policy" means an automobile insurance policy that provides coverage only for drivers specifically named on the policy and not for individuals residing in a named insured's household. The term includes an automobile insurance policy that has been endorsed to provide coverage only for drivers specifically named on the policy. Before accepting any premium or fee for a named driver policy, an agent or insurer, must provide written and oral disclosure to the applicant or insured.

Electronic Proof of Insurance Law requires that a driver be able to produce proof of liability insurance when requested by a police officer or another driver when involved in an accident. Now drivers are allowed to show proof of insurance on a cell phone or tablet in place of a paper copy of the driver's proof of insurance.

Insurance Deductibles Residential homeowner insurance companies have previously offered 1% deductibles, which was based off of the insured dwelling value. Now, insurance companies must disclose the exact dollar amount, not percentages, of deductibles to eliminate confusion.

Insurance claims Insurance companies can no longer hold policyholder’s inquiries about a potential claim against them when determining their rates, premiums or deductibles. Previously, many insurance companies made underwriting and rating decisions when a customer inquired about their policies response to a potential peril but never made a claim.

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