Swingle Collins & Associates conducts comprehensive evaluations of your commercial or personal aviation insurance needs. We review and discuss named insureds, independent contractors, pilot requirements, declarations pages and policy language, purpose or use of the aircraft, and destinations.

If your current agent isn’t addressing each of these topics specifically, you may not be properly protected.  

Our aviation team will review your current insurance program and help you compare coverage options, premium savings, and  carrier differences. Many clients will find that the purpose for which the aircraft is used may not be covered by their current policy. Additionally, most aircraft policies cover flights only in the Continental US, excluding Alaska. Special insurance is required for flights to Mexico.

Regardless of the commercial aviation exposure, Swingle Collins & Associates can offer personalized coverage through aircraft liability, hangar keepers, completed products, rental, instruction, fixed base operator, airport liability, or private air park insurance.

Swingle Collins & Associates can provide a wide variety of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft insurance solutions, including:

  • Light Sport Aircraft

  • Comprehensive Hull Coverage

  • High Liability Limits

  • Excess Liability Coverage Over Personal Aircraft & Fractional Ownerships

  • Coverage For Your Hangar, Pilot, & Crew

Personal or recreational aviation account for 76% of fatal aviation accidents.

Proper coverage is vital.

Most umbrella policies specifically exclude aviation exposures.

Some additional areas of concern for aviation insurance include:

  • Pilot Experience Vs. Aviation Insurer Requirements

  • Named Pilot Warranty Vs. Open Pilot Warranty

  • Aircraft Sophistication

  • Airworthiness Certificates

  • Usage- Stunt, Business, Pleasure

  • Independent Contractors Exclusion

  • Domestic Vs. Foreign Flights

“All life is the management of risk, not its elimination”

— Walter Wriston

Call a Swingle Collins agent for a free comprehensive coverage evaluation, or for any questions you may have about your aviation coverage.

Swingle, Collins & Associates specializes in aviation insurance coverage The descriptions of coverages listed on this website are brief and subject to the provisions, limitations, and exclusions that can only be expressed in your policy and related endorsements. For additional information of how Swingle, Collins & Associates can assist in meeting your coverage needs for aviation insurance please contact your dedicated risk manager to discuss the benefits and services of personal homeowners insurance coverage.

The information contained on this page is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It contains general information on insurance issues and may not reflect the most current developments in insurance coverage and is unlikely to apply in all factual scenarios. The information does not include all the terms, coverages, exclusions, limitations or conditions that may be contained in the actual insurance contract language. The policies themselves must be read for those details. Sample policy forms will be made available upon reasonable request.