Many aviation owners find that the purpose for which the aircraft is used may not be covered by their current policy, and that most umbrella policies specifically exclude aviation exposures. Additionally, most aircraft policies cover flights only in the Continental US, excluding Alaska. Special insurance is required for flights to Mexico. Swingle Collins will eliminate your aviation risk by reviewing and discussing the declarations pages and policy language, purpose or use of the aircraft and destinations, as well as named insureds, independent contractors, and pilot requirements. We offer coverage through aircraft liability, hangar keepers, completed products, rental, instruction, fixed base operator, airport liability, or private air park insurance. Call a Swingle Collins agent for a free comprehensive coverage evaluation, or for any questions you may have about your aviation coverage.


Our insurance for fixed wing and rotor wing aircrafts includes:

  • Light Sport Aircraft

  • Comprehensive Hull Coverage

  • High Liability Limits

  • Excess Liability Coverage Over Personal Aircraft & Fractional Ownerships

  • Coverage for Your Hangar, Pilot, & Crew


Some additional areas of concern for aviation insurance include:

  • Pilot Experience Vs. Aviation Insurer Requirements

  • Named Pilot Warranty Vs. Open Pilot Warranty

  • Aircraft Sophistication

  • Airworthiness Certificates

  • Usage- Stunt, Business, Pleasure

  • Independent Contractors Exclusion

  • Domestic Vs. Foreign Flights