Having an attorney in house who was formerly in private practice and who understands what lawyers face on a day to day basis with their clients gives Swingle Collins & Associates a perspective with respect lawyers insurance that few other agencies have.

Coverage For Lawyers & Law Firms:

Legal malpractice claims can be catastrophic to a lawyer or law firm as the expense, both in terms time and potential liability, can be massive.  As such, the lawyers' professional liability policy needs to be examined carefully for its terms, conditions and limits.  Legal malpractice insurance is not, however, the only unique exposure.  Law firms also face employment practices liability issues surrounding the law firm structure.  And, special attention needs to be made toward law libraries, client documents and privacy issues.

Do You Need Law Firm Insurance Coverage?

Every attorney or law firm needs lawyers' professional liability coverage.  Whether you are a sole practitioner, general counsel, in-house counsel, or with a law firm, there is potential exposure related to the legal services that an attorney provides.  There are legal malpractice insurance policies for every type of lawyer and law firm, whether you are a generalist or work only in a defined niche and whether you are in-house or in private practice.

Who Provides Attorney & Law Firm Insurance?

Virtually every insurance carrier is willing to work with lawyers and law firms depending on the coverage sought.  With respect to the office exposures, attorneys are a high value target.  Swingle Collins & Associates has access to a wide array of insurance carriers who work with attorneys and law firms.

Not All Attorney & Law Firm Insurance Is Created Alike:

Lawyers' professional liability insurance policies vary by carrier as does the appetite for each insurance carrier for legal services business.  Lawyers' professional liability policies vary by carrier as does the appetite for each insurance carrier.  It is not uncommon to see that entire practice areas can be excluded from coverage on a legal malpractice insurance policy. It's also not uncommon to see that some legal malpractice insurance policies may not contemplate what happens when a lawyer leaves the law firm or what happens when the law firm decides to shut its doors.  These are issues that attorneys and law firms do not want to contemplate after the fact.

All aspects of a lawyers' professional liability insurance policy should be discussed in detail prior to the coverage being placed.  A lawyer should not be satisfied with simply finding the least expensive policy as it may cost that lawyer or law firm your entire practice later.

Why Swingle Collins & Associates For Law Firm Insurance?

Central to the practice of law is the trust between a lawyer and client. This trust is earned by providing timely and accurate legal services. Swingle Collins and Associates earns trust with its lawyer and law firm clients in the same way, providing tailored insurance for lawyers in a timely manner and at reduced expense.

Swingle, Collins & Associates specializes in attorney and law firm insurance coverage The descriptions of coverages listed on this website are brief and subject to the provisions, limitations, and exclusions that can only be expressed in your policy and related endorsements. For additional information of how Swingle, Collins & Associates can assist in meeting your coverage needs for law firm insurance please contact your dedicated risk manager to discuss the benefits and services of personal homeowners insurance coverage.

The information contained on this page is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It contains general information on insurance issues and may not reflect the most current developments in insurance coverage and is unlikely to apply in all factual scenarios. The information does not include all the terms, coverages, exclusions, limitations or conditions that may be contained in the actual insurance contract language. The policies themselves must be read for those details. Sample policy forms will be made available upon reasonable request.