Swingle Collins Clients Receive over 1.9 M in TX Mutual Dividends

Swingle Collins & Associates is pleased to announce that Texas Mutual returned over 1.9 million dollars in dividends to our clients. Texas Mutual has paid dividends every year for the past 20 years, proving that being a Texas Mutual policyholder pays. Dividends are paid based on two components: safety and loyalty. They reward policyholders who keep their losses low by making safety a top priority. These companies implement safety programs, train employees and adopt new safety standards. They also recognize those who are loyal to Texas Mutual and continue to choose them year after year. A company with a long-term tenure with Texas Mutual could be rewarded for up to four years of loss history through the loyalty component of the dividend program.

Swingle Collins & Associates is proud to be a TX Mutual Champion Agent, an honor only a few of over 5,000 agencies receive. Our Tier One Foundation status allows us to connect directly with senior underwrites at TX Mutual, ensuring that our clients’ needs are being met both efficiently and effectively. We are proud to partner with Texas Mutual, an excellent company that values the priority of workplace safety and rewards their policyholders for doing the same.