Our story

Swingle Collins & Associates is the largest privately-owned insurance agency in Texas, with national and global reach. Our size and ownership structure allows us to provide a solution for even the most unique and complex risks while still providing the tailored experience our clients desire. Leading carriers in the marketplace have recognized our growth and success awarding us top-tier access, exclusively benefitting our clients. Our elite team of risk advisors are considered best-in-class by industry peers and clients, providing a consultative approach by continually staying on the forefront of emerging trends.

At Swingle Collins, relationships are the foundation of our business—with both the companies we represent and the clients we serve. Our advisors act as the main point of contact from the initial meeting, during mergers and acquisitions, and throughout the renewal process. We strive to be considered an extension of our client’s companies and family wealth management teams—providing peace of mind that their assets will be properly protected and their needs will come first.


Since 1982, Swingle Collins recognized the fundamental need for sound risk management advice for entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses. From our large brokerage roots, we saw the ever-widening service gap between Fortune 500 and privately held companies. Our goal has always been clear and transparent: to work alongside employers to create a solution-oriented insurance program, so that they can shift their focus back to what matters most—growing their business.  



The Swingle Collins Personal Division was founded out of an industry need for a more tailored approach that allowed for a customizable insurance solution. We remove the stigma that insurance is a one-size-fits-all commodity by designing a program around each client, their assets, and their passions.


We recognize that successful individuals and families have intricate risks and exposures, and we work to create a specialized solution to protect their ever-evolving needs. Beyond luxury homes, autos, jewelry and fine arts, we consult with our clients to protect their lifestyle exposures—whether it be traveling to exotic destinations or sitting on nonprofit boards.


Due to our commitment to education on emerging trends, we take the hassle out of even the most complex insurance portfolios. We help clients navigate the complicated landscape by serving as their advocate with the insurance company, so that if a loss does occur, they can recover faster and with greater ease.



Swingle Collins seeks to provide risk management solutions for business owners in every facet. As we continued to work with employers providing commercial insurance solutions, another need was becoming apparent. In 2017, we answered that need with our Employee Benefits Division. As healthcare costs exploded, the vast majority of companies were overpaying while being underserved. Our benefits practice was created to build relationships with, and tailor solutions for, privately held businesses. We look to partner with companies that aim to design strategic employee benefits plans that will allow them to achieve their professional goals. 



We are fully vested in remaining an independent agency which allows us to offer unparalleled customer service. With the addition of 12 shareholders in the last 15 years, we have defined ourselves as an internally perpetuating brokerage firm.