Swingle Collins Testimonials

DistribionBoth with my business and personal insurance needs, Swingle Collins performs above and beyond what I could ever expect. With the money they save, they placed coverage that ultimately covered a $100,000 loss.  I would recommend them to anyone.

I feel very secure working with Ashleigh Cloud and Marilyn Nesbit. They make insurance uncomplicated. Even years after establishing my policy, they have continued to provide flawless advice and support every time I have called upon them. The pair have helped me on a number of occasions with my policy and claims. Ashleigh and Marilyn are valuable assets to their firm as well as to my business. They exemplify the way all insurance agents should be.

The auto claims process with Chubb was simple and painless- one phone call to get things started, and that was it. A rental vehicle was delivered to my location within hours. Repairs were arranged at the shop of my choice. Chubb took the hassle out of the process.

James-F-Turner-Engineers-150x50Swingle Collins not only improved our coverage but they also saved us 25% in our first year with their agency.  Without prompting they delivered an additional savings of 20% at renewal.  We could not ask for more.  Thanks for your easy transition, professional service and exceptional follow through.  We would be happy to recommend your firm.
James F. Turner Engineers, LP

I want to thank Swingle Collins & Associates for the excellent and professional way you have handled my personal insurance needs.
I certainly appreciate the reduction in my annual premiums with additional coverage.  I am looking forward to the personable service you have offered concerningclaim, service, or just a questions regarding my coverage or future coverage.
I have had a 24 year relationship with my past Insurance Carrier who have served me very well and I am looking for the same long relationship with Swingle Collins & Associates.
Gus K.

Spyglass-Logo-5-Color-1.5-inchHaving worked with Swingle Collins & Associates for over three years, I can honestly say that they raise the bar for all other service professionals across every industry. Swingle Collins has a firm grasp on insurance and risk management, a compelling dedication to their clients and a proactive commitment to customer service. As a private equity company, we value the pro-active diligence and risk management recommendations and solutions that they provide for our portfolio companies.  I would recommend Swingle Collins to any CFO or business owner.
Spyglass Equities

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the service I have received from the Swingle Collins & Associates team since changing agents on my family automobile insurance, umbrella coverage and home insurance. I have received beyond the call of duty help in connection with a claim under a prior policy. Also I am pleased to have all my insurance with one agent and having the same annual renewal dates on all my policies, and most important, I have better loss coverage under my insurance at less cost.

Watson-Law-FirmSwingle Collins & Associates understood our needs and has an excellent grasp of the potential challenges in the legal community. They are experienced, cost efficient and responsive. We are a satisfied client.
Watson Law Firm, LLP

I have known my SCA personal risk manager for 7 years and during that time he has assisted many clients, providing them excellent service with all their property / casualty insurance needs. One specific client comes to mind wherein SCA’s detailed review of their current policies saved my client nearly $10,000 in annual premiums. These results cannot be experienced by everyone however SCA will make the appropriate recommendations so as not to be overly insured, but appropriately insured.

My Personal Risk Manager does a fantastic job of really listening to clients and creating a solution that is right on target! Combine that with a service level that exceeds expectations and you have a winner!

Lanyon1As my business grew, I did not realize that I had outgrown my insurance policies and my prior agent’s capabilities. Swingle Collins & Associates has a specialty in technology insurance and was able to show me where some of my lines of coverage were priced at twice the market rate. Further evidence of their expertise in assisting technology companies is illustrated in that our private equity partner located on the East Coast of the US had not only heard of Swingle Collins, but had positive things to say about them.
Overall, I have found that the staff of Swingle Collins is quick in responding to my questions and is knowledgeable about the marketplace. I feel like they are handling my business like it was their own. I recommend you see what Swingle Collins can do for your company.

My Swingle Collins Personal Risk Manager has provided me with a level of service I had not experienced nor expected from any of the insurance representatives I have worked with in the past. I gave her a shot at earning my personal business by letting her evaluate my portfolio. Through that process she identified an issue of significant cost savings that had been overlooked by my prior agent and was able to find me more comprehensive coverage for less money.
She is always available, detailed in the management and evaluation of your assets and gives sound advice without selling you. She is a consummate professional that has a genuine concern for her clients that I view as a partner and not a broker.

Sunstone-Yoga1-150x80In creating an insurance plan for Sunstone Yoga and its franchisees, Swingle Collins helped us develop a sold risk management strategy, while saving us considerable premium along the way.
Sunstone Yoga, LLC

When I met my personal agent at Swingle Collins & Associates, I found someone who looked at my needs and came up with a plan specific to me. She has an in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and is able to apply it accordingly. I feel very confident that my insurance needs have been met in a cost-effective way. It’s nice to know that everything has been covered.

Adams-and-Barclay-Enterprises1I switched my business and personal insurance needs to you and for the first time in my career feel a new comfort level from uncovering coverages we need and more easily understanding our risks.
Adams & Barclay Enterprises

My personal agent is the constant professional, his professionalism and attention to detail have no end. Having a professional liaison in his field has proven to be very rewarding for myself and my clients. In my business, I need a strong network of competent advisors who are willing to educate my clients, and my agent has never failed on that front.

Advanced-Temporaries1Swingle Collins and Associates are great business partners to have. For several years Advanced Temporaries, Inc. has relied on their expertise, knowledge and know how to help us grow. Based on their advice, we have made changes and experienced reduced rates in all of our commercial lines, resulting in a healthier bottom line. These savings have allowed us to be more competitive in the marketplace when competing for new business or just to reward customers for their loyalty by saving them money for staff needs versus last year or the year before. Furthermore they have steered us around potential pitfalls. Advanced Temporaries, Inc. will continue to support, and highly recommend Swingle Collins for their abilities and genuine support for our business.
Advanced Temporaries, Inc.

My agent is a detail-oriented and service-focused professional who is dedicated to maintaining and upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in his dealings with clients. He is a highly trusted risk advisor and counselor to help in making decisions that protect your most important treasures.

IBClogo1Swingle Collins & Associates saved us many thousands of dollars and are so easy to work with. What a breath of fresh air in the insurance world.
International Biophysics Corporation

My personal risk manager has provided fantastic service, and has always been available when we need him. We seek his expert advice on many types of different coverage needs.

Peters-Chevrolet1In 34 years, I have never had an agent so attentive to my risk-management needs. My Swingle Collins & Associates agent is always interested and concerned that all of our insurance needs are met, while keeping our rates competitive.
Peters Chevrolet

My personal risk manager is a true professional. I trust all of my key relationships with him and will continue to support his efforts. On more than one occasion, introducing my personal risk manager into one or more of my relationships has resulted in me building stronger ties to my customers. Meet him, work with him and make him a part of your network. You won’t be disappointed.

The-Retail-Connection1Swingle Collins and Associates consistently provides great pricing and exceptional service. I recommend them enthusiastically.
The Retail Connection

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great job you did with the family I referred to you. They told me several times how impressed they were with your attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to refer a client to you, knowing you’ll do a great job and make me look good as well.

Fountain-Capital1On the coldest day in the past ten years, a pipe burst in one of our office buildings. I called my Swingle Collins & Associatessa virtualagent to leave him a voice mail at the office on Saturday. He happened to be there and began processing my claim immediately. My claim was paid within two weeks. My tenants were ecstatic and think I am a hero.
Fountain Capital

Thank you so much for your professionalism and knowledge of the insurance industry, and specifically our homeowners and auto insurance. It was such an eye-opener to see how incomplete and inadequate our previous insurance advisor was as well as the exorbitant pricing we were paying for our policies and coverage. I look forward to many years working with you as our professional insurance advisor and friend.

blade_logo1Everyone at Swingle Collins & Associates has always been so helpful and friendly. Any time a request is made, a response is received immediately!
Blade Energy Partners, Ltd.

What a delight it has been working with Swingle Collins & Associates on a new home owner’s policy. My personal risk manager has been on top of the review and showed great knowledge and real value. Since she has shown to be such a sharp contrast to the previous agent I had worked with from another firm, it will be an easy task to refer friends and work colleagues to her and your firm. I appreciate what she and Swingle Collins have done for my risk management.
Michael N.

Domistyle_ClientSuccess1Swingle Collins & Associates took the time to research and inquire about every aspect of our company operations to make sure our coverage was specifically tailored to our needs.
Domistyle, Inc.

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