Personal Insurance Agents in Dallas

Protecting our clients’ assets requires knowledge and exceptional personal service.  At Swingle Collins & Associates, our personal insurance agents have a reputation in Dallas and throughout North Texas for their expert coverage recommendations and professionalism.  Clients seek advice from our team before purchasing a home, car, collectible or other luxury item. They understand that we will take the time to learn all we can about their personal situation, their unique risk exposures and the issues that concern them the most.  Our personal insurance agents have a singular focus to help protect our clients from risk while maintaining our goal of keeping costs reasonable.

Below are just a few of the insurance coverages to consider for high net worth individuals and families:

Home Owners Insurance

Property Risk: 

  1. Homes, Condominiums, Vacation Homes, Destination Home, Lake House, Gentleman’s Ranch
  2. Airplanes and Helicopters
  3. Jewelry and Furs
  4. Fine Art and Collectibles
  5. Computers, Cameras and Video Equipment
  6. Automobiles, Collectible Cars, and Recreation Vehicles
  7. Boats and Yachts
  8. Antiques and Silver
  9. Wine Collections
  10. Sports Equipment and Memorabilia
  11. Musical Instruments

Liability Risk:

  1. Liability (Third Party Litigation)
  2. Family Security (Kidnap & Ransom, Identity Theft)
  3. Employment Practices
  4. Personal Injury
  5. Individual Directorship Liability
  6. Workers Compensation
  7. Cyber Liability

Our personal insurance agents strive to provide their clients continuously high quality insurance coverage and customer service.  We extend our personal services to include the following:  

  1. Annual Risk Assessments
  2. 24-Hour Claims Handling
  3. Employee Background Checks
  4. Annual Personal Meetings & Reviews
  5. Deductible Options
  6. White Glove Concierge Claims Response

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