Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

Most property and casualty insurance agents see the manufacturing sector as an innocuous risk, but at Swingle Collins & Associates, we know it isn’t. There are an infinite amount of potential risks, and selecting coverage can be an overwhelming chore. Our agents not only walk our clients through which coverages are pertinent to the manufacturing business, but we keep them up to date on new coverages as well. Manufacturing errors and omissions, product recall, products liability and pollution coverages are all available, yet most businesses are exposed, because they do not know they exist.

From metalworking to plastics, the variety of manufacturers we work with gives us an unparalleled breadth of knowledge regarding highly tailored coverage. Our innovative and unique approach allows us to make sure you have all of the information available to make an informed decision about the risk management of your company.

Manufacturing insurance programs have many elements. A unique aspect of insurance for manufacturing companies is the need for products liability insurance. From recalls to patent infringement, product manufacturers deal with many unique risks. Manufacturing insurance, more accurately described as insurance for manufacturing or products liability insurance, provides protection for these unique risks, particularly when products manufactured by your company cause harm to others.  Besides the obvious risks of your machinery or stock being stolen or damaged by fire or water, manufacturing companies often face much more costly but more subtle losses, such as their gross profit decreasing or coming to an end while their stolen or damaged items are replaced. They also face the very high costs associated with fixing their machinery when it breaks down. Many companies underestimate the time and money associated with ordering, transporting, assembling and commissioning machinery, and the profits lost in the process. Often, the interruption claims far outweigh the costs of replacing or fixing the equipment.

Let our team show you how our dedication to your industry will pay off.

 Manufacturing Insurance – Industries Served

  • Furniture & Fixtures Manufacturing
  • Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wood Products
  • Household Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Partitions and Fixtures
  • Plastics Products Manufacturing
  • Rubber and Plastics Hose
  • Gaskets, Packing and Sealing Devices
  • Plastic Pipes
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Plastic Plumbing Fixtures
  • Metalworking Operations
  • Hardware
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Fabricated Plate Work
  • Industrial Valves
  • Metal Stamping
  • Industrial & Commercial Machinery
  • Farm Machinery
  • Construction Machinery
  • Oil and Gas Machinery
  • Power-Driven Handtools
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Electronic & Electrical Equipment
  • Electronic Computers
  • Computer Terminals
  • Office Machines
  • Electron Tubes
  • Process Control Instruments

Manufacturing Insurance – Available Coverages

  • “Green” Property Coverages
  • Research and development equipment
  • Pollution
  • Dyes and molds
  • Unprotected (non-sprinklered) property coverages
  • Contingent Business Income
  • Equipment Breakdown including:
  • Utility Interruption
  • Power Lines
  • Communications
  • Products Liability
  • Manufacturer’s E&O
  • Product Recall Including:
  • Cost to notify
  • Cost to monitor
  • Reputational repair
  • International Property Coverage Including:
  • Air Cargo
  • Ocean Cargo
  • Workers Compensation Including:
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Return to work programs

Swingle, Collins & Associates specializes in manufacturing insurance coverage. The descriptions of coverages listed on this website are brief and subject to the provisions, limitations, and exclusions that can only be expressed in your policy and related endorsements. For additional information of how Swingle, Collins & Associates can assist in meeting your coverage needs for research and development equipment, equipment breakdown, and product recall insurance please contact your dedicated risk manager to discuss the benefits and services of personal homeowners insurance coverage.

The information contained on this page is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It contains general information on insurance issues and may not reflect the most current developments in insurance coverage and is unlikely to apply in all factual scenarios. The information does not include all the terms, coverages, exclusions, limitations or conditions that may be contained in the actual insurance contract language. The policies themselves must be read for those details. Sample policy forms will be made available upon reasonable request.

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