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The New Chubb

Employee Dishonesty Insurance Dallas

January 14, 2016 – Six months after their initial announcement, Chubb and ACE have officially merged. Reaching an agreement of just over $29 billion, they have kept the Chubb name and are moving forward in this new venture.  Having maintained a significantly strong relationship with both of these prominent carriers for over thirty years, Swingle Collins […]

Ashleigh Cloud Trent – Dallas Agent To Be Named a Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance

Dallas Agent Among a Select Group To Be Named a Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance By Wharton and Chubb Dallas, Texas, October 19th, 2015—Ashleigh Cloud Trent of Swingle Collins & Associates in Dallas, Texas has been awarded a Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance (CAPI) designation from the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton […]

Preparing for Winter Weather

Getting ready for winter weather Fall has arrived, but there’s still time to get ready for winter weather, including storms. Extreme cold is always a possibility here in Dallas, so we at Swingle Collins & Associates have compiled some tips to help you stay safe and limit damage. Preparing your home Perform basic winter maintenance […]

Reduce Your Home Owners Claims by 37%

37% of all residential insurance claims are water damage related. According to the Insurance Information Institute, each year, one out of every fifty-five homes has a water damage claim. That makes the annual cost paid out by insurance companies $2.5 billion to repair the water damage. Did you also know that there is a way to […]

Insuring Personal Firearms

The cheapest way to insure your firearms would be to solely use the coverage provided to you in your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Typical homeowner’s policies (HO) include firearm coverage of $2,500. With respectable bird gun prices starting at $2,500 and a nice side by side Peter Hofer costing from $200,000 to $500,000, the basic […]

Hunting Accidents Will Happen

Will the liability insurance on my homeowners policy cover me if I accidentally shoot someone while hunting? What about some other kind of accident on my hunting lease? And do I need any special coverage on my hunting jeep and 4-wheeler? It’s as certain as the hunting seasons: When the season begins, hunters ask us about liability […]

Staying Safe Before, During and After a Hurricane

Swingle Collins & Associates Stay Safe During a Hurricane Smart preparations help protect homeowners in peak hurricane season Dallas, Texas (August 21, 2015) – Now through late October is considered peak hurricane season. To help homeowners keep their families and their property safe during a hurricane, Swingle Collins & Associates offers tips to help prepare. […]

Insurance Packing List for Your Next Vacation

Recent advertisements and articles have shocked the nation with reports that Americans use less than half of their allotted vacation days.  In order to indulge in the luxuries a vacation brings, you must first organize and plan the experience, which can seem daunting. There are numerous decisions to be made such as booking airfare and […]

Grab the Tissues – It’s Time to Send Your Kids to College

Sending your children off to college requires much more than a set of books and a few boxes of tissues for the tears. From bed linens to meal plans, the to-do-list may seem never ending. Here at Swingle Collins & Associates, our personal insurance advisers take back to school season very seriously. We strive to […]

Protecting Your Fine Wine Collection

Collecting high-end wine is more than a luxurious pastime; it is a lucrative investment option that should not be ignored. Investors throughout the world are finding that fine wine collections hold tremendous value and are purchasing collections as an investment alternative. More so than other general collectibles, fine wine requires extremely specific care in order […]

Celebrate Safely this Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to the land of the free and home of the brave! Each year, the citizens of the United States of America enthusiastically celebrate the country’s independence with barbeques, fireworks, water activities and more. As your trusted risk managers, Swingle Collins & Associates encourage each client to assess the potential risks the […]

Clear Skies, Full Lakes, Can Lose

Boating season is finally here! Thanks to all of the rainfall in North Texas this year, lake levels are high and ready for some summer fun. Whether you own a boat, jet ski, yacht or house boat, it is important to take a moment to review the watercraft’s insurance policy as well as general boating […]

Fill the Gaps in Your Homeowners Policy

Home sharing and peer to peer leasing is on the rise and more popular than ever. Applications and websites such as Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey and VRBO provide a new and exciting way for travelers to see the world and experience different cultures by truly submerging themselves into the homes and lives of those around them. […]

Drones- While Some Risks Decrease, Others Arise

The personal and commercial use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems is no longer a goal for the future but an accomplishment of the present. UAS technology is being implemented for personal and recreational use as well as for commercial advancement. Businesses are finding different avenues to utilize this technology to increase production and expand their reach […]

Personal Credit and How it Can Affect Insurance Premiums

A credit score is a three-digit number used by financial institutions to evaluate your creditworthiness, or the likelihood that you’ll pay back your debts. When a consumer applies for an insurance policy, credit card, mortgage, student loan, auto loan or other line of credit, the lending company pulls a credit score as part of a […]

Protect Your Personal Interest With IDL Insurance

The DFW Metroplex is home to over 10,000 corporate headquarters as well as hundreds of thousands of not-for-profit, public and private organizations and corporations.  Serving under each of those organizations is a group of influential and prominent figures that compile the Board of Directors. In order to protect every individual that sits on each board, […]

North Texas- Cover Your Assets With Flood Insurance

Storm season is in full swing and while we are happy to receive all of the rain water to alleviate our typical summer drought, the looming threat of flash floods, landslides and mudflows are among us. The DFW area has experienced devastating losses due to the flash floods this spring season. Homes, cars and businesses […]

Safety Checklist for Farm Grounds

The grounds on a farm may include a variety of terrain, including: fields, woods, and roads. From muddy road conditions and ditches to low-hanging tree branches and rocks, farm grounds host a range of hazards that can potentially harm staff and cause damage vehicles and property. Swingle Collins encourages you to review and implement some of […]

Household Mold: How to Protect your Property

No one knows how many species of mold fungi exist, but some estimates are as high as 300,000 different types. While most associate molds with warm, damp and humid conditions, there are actually several environments in which mold thrives. Mold spreads and reproduces by making spores; those spores can survive harsh, dry and cold conditions. […]

Conceal & Carry Insurance Dallas TX

Conceal & Carry Insurance Dallas TX

Having a concealed handgun license and hunting weapon ownership comes with a lot of responsibility and risks. Firearms are meant to protect but sometimes they can go off unintentionally and cause damage to someone. Do you know if your policy has coverage for unintentional acts or intentional acts in the event of protecting yourself or […]

Uber Insurance Dallas TX

Uber may not be the safest choice when it comes to driving… Several entities including insurance companies, regulators, public officials and insurance professionals have been talking a lot lately about the public policy and insurance implications of so-called ride-sharing services offered by transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Uber, Lyft and the less popular – […]

Insuring Trailers

Insuring Trailers Camping, tailgating, and the ever popular fall festival hay rides are upon us! Before you fall into the festive activities the season has to offer stop you may want to ask your Swingle Collins agent some important questions about the risk pulling a trailer can expose you to.   Most personal auto insurance […]

Ranching Risks and Insurance Solutions

Ranches across Texas will see a surge in activity in the fall when hunting season starts. If you have an ownership stake in a ranch where your family goes to relax, you face a number of Ranching Risks that your existing liability insurance may cover, or may not. The information below should help you understand […]

Exotic & Supercar ownership for Timed Events Exposure

Owning a high performance, high value auto is not for the faint of heart. Exotic & Supercar ownership comes with extensive servicing requirements, and for most, training on how to drive the auto carefully. For those with high-end driving experience, purchasing autos with the desire to drive them as they were designed comes with responsibility. […]

Dog Ownership – Personal Liability Exposure

People pick dog breeds for all kinds of reasons, and “man’s best friend” can turn into man’s worst enemy depending upon the situation and temperament of the animal. Many people forget to mention that they own animals when disclosing their property insurance risks. Dog Ownership – Personal Liability Exposure is just another way of saying that certain […]

Protect Wealth & Reduce Expenses through Retirement

Most successful people retire when their assets are at a peak. They have full equity in their home (or homes) and have accumulated enough savings and investments to generate an income that will sustain a comfortable lifestyle. Protecting that asset base is critical to protect wealth & reduce expenses through retirement that could last 20, […]

Asset Protection for Professional Athletes Entering Retirement

The shelf life of a professional athlete is relatively short. Careers can span decades, or they can be as brief as one game. Career-ending injuries, multiple trades, league mandated shut-outs, family & legal disputes, and other liquidity events can put a detrimental cap on earning potential, and send many athletes and their families into panic […]

Sinkhole, Property Collapse & Earth Movement Insurance

Earthquake insurance Dallas Texas

Not all property policies are designed to offer regional and state-wide coverage for specific perils like Sinkhole, Property Collapse & Earth Movement Insurance. In certain states and territories, Flood, Sinkhole, Ground Subsidence, Mudslide, Earthquake, Windstorm, and Ground Movement are specifically excluded on a property insurance policy. Specialty programs and high-end insurance carriers may provide coverage […]

Earthquake Insurance – Are you prepared?

Earthquakes can come when one least expects it. Unlike other natural disasters, there is no specific season for earthquakes. To make matters worse, chaos usually follows their sudden wrath of violent shaking. Landslides, avalanches, flash floods, fires and tsunamis often trail earthquakes, making them one of the most feared and most expensive disasters known to […]

Managing Tangible Assets: Completing the Picture of Wealth

The Growing Importance of Tangible Assets More people are investing their wealth into tangle assets such as valuable art, antiques, jewelry, and wine collections because of their perceived ability to hold value during market fluctuations. High Net Worth Blind Spot   Affluent people are usually sophisticated in the market of financials when it comes to […]

Seven Steps to Protect Yourself After an Auto Accident

Imagine you are driving home after a long day at work in rush hour traffic. Cars are carelessly weaving in and out of lanes while rain is pouring down. Suddenly, your car starts skidding on the glass-like puddles after being struck by another car. Your airbag deploys and you come to a screeching stop. What […]

Asset Protection – Collectors Insurance

The art of collecting is more than just acquiring nice things: it is a passion to support the arts, it is an aesthetic enjoyment, a challenge, an intellectual exploration, it is to be a part of history, to tell a story and create a unique grouping of works, and today it can also be a […]

Creating a Complete Wealth Protection Plan

errors and omissions insurance

Creating a Wealth Protection Plan should be a vital part of any affluent family’s or high net worth individual’s overall financial planning schedule. We have put together a list of everything you should know when it comes to creating a wealth protection plan for your assets.  Assemble the right team of experts. Finding a proper team […]

Why You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  With all the different factors that enter into the automobile insurance purchasing process, it is important for you to be well informed in order to make intelligent decisions. One such decision concerns whether to purchase uninsured motorists (UM) and underinsured motorists (UIM) coverage. Uninsured Motorist coverage provides insurance protection for bodily injury, and in […]

Professional Athletes & Entertainers Insurance

  When you have a high profile occupation or lifestyle, your words, actions and opinions are constantly scrutinized and provided by the media for all to see. Privacy is a luxury, and pro-active family protection is crucial. A personal brand and public reputation follow as one of the biggest assets a professional athlete or entertainer can protect. Swingle Collins […]

Recovering the Vessel: Quick Action Leads to a Quick Recovery

  Our clients are always asking what type of claims response they can expect from carriers such as Chubb, ACE, AIG and Fireman’s Fund. The story below is an example of exceptional claims service in action. This story can be found at A policyholder’s yacht, valued at over $2 million, had been stolen from […]

Ready to Launch Your Boat – Tips for Smooth Sailing this Summer

Spring has sprung and boating season is upon us! Are you ready for your first launch? Now is the time to take your boat out of winter storage and prepare it for the first voyage of the year. To ensure fun and safety, Discover Boating, presented by the Recreational Boating Industry, offers the general guidelines […]

Got a Speeding Ticket? Don’t Simply Pay It…Look at your Options

  If you receive a speeding ticket, do not make the mistake of simply paying the ticket. If you do, your insurance premium will increase over the next three to five years. Perhaps more importantly, you will be overlooking the available options to wipe the ticket from your record. As soon as you receive a […]

Insurance Procedures after a Policyholder’s Death

The homeowners policy is personal in nature, meaning it is designed to cover a named individual and the individual’s family members. Manual rules and company underwriting rules for writing a homeowners policy are also designed with the individual residing in the home as the primary focus. The named insured is provided the broadest coverage. Coverage for other individuals […]

What is “ Actual Cash Value” on a Property Loss?

  The amount of loss payable on commercial and residential property policies is generally limited to the actual cash value of covered property at the time of the loss or damage, unless a replacement cost provision applies. In policies that cover property on a replacement cost basis, the policy generally pays actual cash value of the damaged property […]

Earthquake and Earth Movement

Some of the most destructive, naturally occurring phenomena impacting individual property owners and businesses are earthquakes, sink holes, mud/rock slides and additional forms of ground movement, all of which are typically excluded on traditional ‘property’ policies unless a specialty policy or endorsement extending coverage is purchased. Without specialty earthquake coverage, damage to a dwelling and […]

Pearls of Wisdom for Protecting Your Jewelry

Don’t rely on your homeowners policy alone to fully protect your jewelry. Although homeowners policies provide some coverage for jewelry, there are many limitations that could leave you empty handed after a loss, and here’s how: The personal property portion of the homeowners policy limits coverage for items deemed as special personal property, which includes […]

Personal Auto Insurance – Making Others Pay

Question: I was involved in an accident and the other guy was at fault. Now his insurance company is telling me they won’t pay for the damage to my vehicle because they can’t reach him to confirm details of the accident. Can they get away with this? What should I do now? Answer: Unfortunately, this […]

Personal Auto Insurance – Insuring a New Automobile

Question: I am thinking about buying a car over the weekend. How do I get personal auto insurance coverage on the new car when your agency office is closed? Answer: That’s an excellent question, and it’s a question that our customers ask frequently. Auto dealers make it very easy to buy a new car these […]

Personal Insurance Coverage – Volunteering for Nonprofit Organizations

  Question: A fellow board member on our local nonprofit organization told board members and other volunteers that they don’t need to buy any special liability insurance, because their homeowners policies will cover them. Is this correct? Answer: That’s an excellent question, and it’s a question that our customers ask frequently. Serving on the board […]

Personal Insurance Umbrella Policies

dallas umbrella insurance

Question: What are personal insurance umbrella policies and why do I need one? Answer: That’s an excellent question and one that our customers frequently ask. A personal umbrella insurance liability policy is a relatively inexpensive way to purchase higher liability limits for you and your family, above and beyond the limits provided in homeowners and […]

Homeowners Insurance – Building or Remodeling Your Home

  Question: We are building a new home [or remodeling our existing home]. Do we need any additional homeowners insurance coverage for this project? Answer: That is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, there are some important insurance issues […]

Replacement Cost & Home Insurance

Question: Why do I have to carry so much insurance on my home? Answer: This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. For one thing, we believe you should have an amount of insurance that is sufficient to rebuild your home – probably your largest investment – in the event it […]

Homeowners Insurance Premium Increases

insurance credits for gated home

  Question: Why are my premiums going up? Answer: The cost of your homeowners insurance is going up in Texas, as it is across the country. Many factors can affect that cost, such as the deductible you select, the quality of your insurance coverage and the increasing value of your home; however, it is clear […]

Insuring Personal Autos on Business Auto Policies

Question: My employee uses his personal vehicle on company business. Can I add his vehicle to my business auto policy? Answer: This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. We realize there are a number of reasons why a business owner might want to insure an employee’s personal vehicle on the […]

Insuring Recreational Vehicles

Question: Does my homeowners insurance policy cover my recreational vehicle [golf cart, ATV, snowmobile, trail bike, go-kart, motorized toy car? Answer: Congratulations on your purchase! Be sure to read the instructions and safety manuals carefully so you can enjoy many hours of safe family fun with your new vehicle. We’re glad you thought to ask […]

Insuring Family Autos on the Business Auto Policy

  Question: I am the majority owner of my business. My accountant has suggested it is a good idea tax-wise for the business to own all of my vehicles – including those used by me and my family – and to insure those vehicles on the auto policy purchased for the business. I asked my […]

Winter Storm Preparation

While winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st and lasts until March 20th, strong winds, freezing temperatures, heavy snow fall and torrential rains can hit well before and after the season. That’s why it’s never too early to prepare your home for winter weather. A few precautions can prevent or reduce the likelihood of damages […]

Reducing Vulnerability to Crime From Those You Trust

High net worth individuals confront exceptional risk challenges because of their relative wealth, lifestyle and public profile. Published research and anecdotal evidence indicate that the affluent are more vulnerable to a range of crimes perpetrated by financial advisers, contractors and domestic employees than average income earners. Such crimes include so-called Ponzi schemes, identity fraud, embezzlement, […]

Spotlight on Asset Protection for Collectors

As collections play a greater role in the asset base of wealthy households, it becomes increasingly important for families and their wealth advisors to understand the risks involved with this unique type of investment. Beyond market risk, collections are subject to title risk and an array of physical risks that cannot only greatly diminish their […]

How High Net Worth Families Overpay to Be Underinsured

Independent insurance agents and brokers frequently find that families with substantial assets who insure their homes, autos, watercraft, and valuable collections with mass- market, heavily advertised carriers overpay for protection that still leaves them exposed to severe financial loss. Families with substantial assets overpay to be underinsured primarily because they fail to adjust their personal […]

Liability Lawsuits and the Threat to Families with Emerging and Established Wealth

fiduciary liability insurance dallas

  Newly released research by ACE Private Risk Services, the high net worth personal insurance business of the ACE Group, shows that many high net worth families are concerned this environment is heightening the risk they will be the target of a high-stakes liability lawsuit. The paper introduces these disquieting trends, while presenting a five-step […]

Retire with Confidence: How to Structure a Personal Insurance Program

To help retirement planners and their clients address these issues, this white paper presents 13 steps to strengthen wealth protection and reduce expenses when working with an independent insurance advisor on a personal insurance program. In combination, these steps can maximize the value of insurance expenditures and help financially successful people prepare for and thrive in […]

Does Your Valuables Insurance Coverage Meet the Gold Standard?

  In the past ten years, gold and other precious metals have appreciated more than most other asset classes, and many experts agree these soaring prices are unlikely to bottom out soon. Unfortunately, many affluent consumers who own gold jewelry and other items made with precious metals have not adjusted their valuables insurance coverage to […]

Claims Frequency – When is it wise to file an auto claim?

When you are involved in a car accident or your car is damaged in some way, your first instinct might be to contact your insurance company to report an auto claim. After all, this is what you pay insurance premiums for, right? Not necessarily. You may want to reconsider before you pick up the phone […]

Managing the Nanny & Domestic Employee Risk

For busy parents and guardians, upscale childcare and domestic help is a key requirement in the running of the household. The need to hire a Nanny or au pair is already common with many affluent families. There are unique risks surrounding residential employees which are very important to address before hiring a new employee. Your […]

Chubb Appraisal Expertise Working for you

Let a Chubb Expert Appraiser Work for You! The day to day job of a Chubb appraiser is going out to clients home and meeting with the homeowner and taking a tour of the inside of the home. This includes taking notes of all features, measuring the home, and taking photographs of special features. This […]

The Value of a Chubb In-Home Appraisal

Thinking of going with Chubb for your Homeowners Insurance? Consider an in-home appraisal! Chubb has their own appraisers who specialize in fine homes and actually appraise the home- from the inside! Many appraisers from other companies do a “drive-by” appraisal- leaving your home grossly under insured. Yeah, I’m thinking Chubb!

Hunting Exposures on Owned & Vacant Land

Hunting accidents on vacant land can lead to a number of legal liability concerns. Hunting accidents are among the most common bodily injury risks to be found on secondary, seasonal, vacant or otherwise non-primary owned property. Clients with vacant land or farm land with exposures to third-party hunters should take a variety of measures to […]

Hurricane Season Loss Prevention Tips

  Being in the peak of Hurricane season, property owners with coastal area exposures are all too aware that the time to take precautions for the next storm is now. Loss modeling provided by the Insurance Information Institute supports that named-storms are occurring with higher severity and increasing in frequency along the U.S. Coastline. Rank Name Year Category […]

Keeping Your Home Safe from Domestic Water Damage

Water damage is responsible for more homeowner’s claims than fire, storms and theft. The main culprits lurk behind appliances, under sinks, and inside walls. Leaking pipes, dishwasher and washing machine hoses, and water heaters are the more mundane—but more common—water damage risks. If you want to stay dry, follow these steps: Washing Machine, Dishwasher Hoses […]

Keeping Your Home Safe During Construction

When building or renovating a home, homeowners are faced with unique risks. During the construction process, homes and homeowners are more susceptible to losses ranging from fire and theft, to vandalism and injury to a third party. However, with proactive planning, you can minimize your risk and enhance the likelihood of a safe and successful […]

Tornado Safety – Keeping Your Family and Home Safe from a Tornado

Each year the National Weather Service documents more than 1,000 tornadoes in the United States, and it’s estimated that an equivalent number go unreported. Long perceived as an isolated threat to the flat plains of the United States, they can actually strike anywhere with limited warning, even on bustling city streets. Tornadoes by the Numbers […]

Why You Need a Homeowners Insurance Inventory List

Homeowners Insurance Inventory List

How do I determine how much my personal belongings are worth so I can carry the right amount of insurance on my homeowners policy? That’s a great question. You worked hard to accumulate your household possessions and the thought of it all being wiped out in a single disaster like a fire or tornado is […]

Top 5 Most Expensive States for Homeowners Insurance

Searching for an affordable and comfortable home to buy is part of the American Dream. When it comes time to evaluate the expense to determine how much home you can afford, it is imperative that homeowners insurance expenses are included in your budget. Depending on which state where you reside, you may end up paying […]

Workers Compensation – Covering Injuries to Household Employees

If a household employee is injured while working for me, will my homeowners insurance policy provide any help with the medical bills? What if the employee sues me? Do I need to purchase workers compensation insurance? You are not required to purchase workers compensation insurance to cover these employees, because the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act […]

Collectibles Insurance and Protecting Your Treasured Assets

High-end collectibles such as jewelry, fine art, and wine have been gaining popularity as an investible asset since the 2008 financial crisis. These collectibles are being viewed as a store of value and a source of growth. There have been recent reports of record auction prices that help to fuel interests in these “treasured” assets, […]

Wildfire Defense and 2013 Drought

Five-hundred ninety-seven counties have been designated The United States Department of Agriculture as disaster areas due to drought. Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, addressed the matter on January 9, 2013 – citing 597 counties in 14 states as primary natural disaster areas due to drought and heat – putting the United States in one of the […]

Insurance for Exotic, Super-Car and Ultra-Luxury Cars

There is a refined edge and swagger associated with the styling and detail of an exotic vehicle. Many owners and enthusiasts spare no expense to protect these investments, and that mindset should be shared in proper and appropriate insurance coverage. Owning a high value, low production vehicle comes with responsibilities that are not often shared […]

The Homeowners Insurance Policy & Consequential Damage

Here’s the scenario: Windstorm and/or hail has damaged shingles on the roof of your home. Since the roof is over 15 years old, replacing selected shingles with new ones will make the roof unsightly. So, of course, you want the entire roof replaced. The insurance company refuses, saying their only contractual obligation is to replace […]

Why is the Cost of Homeowners Insurance Going Up?

Why are my premiums going up? The cost of your homeowners insurance is going up in Texas, as it is across the country. Many factors can affect that cost, such as the deductible you select, the quality of your insurance coverage and the increasing value of your home; however, it is clear that rates are […]

Insurance for Car Collectors: Antique, Classic and Investment

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for some collectors, there is nothing more personal or gratifying than sourcing and owning a particular vehicle that often times comes with a higher value and a significant time investment. For some policy holders, classic vehicles are meant to be driven, and alternatively for some, the […]

Jewelry Insurance, and Insuring Guns and Silverware on your Homeowners Policy

Question: Does my homeowners policy cover jewelry, guns and silverware? What about other valuables in my home? That’s an excellent question, and one that is frequently asked by our customers. Most families own jewelry and other valuable items that may need special coverage. Your homeowners policy covers all personal property owned or used by your […]

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If I purchase collision insurance on all my vehicles, why do I need to purchase uninsured motorist property damage coverage? That’s an excellent question, and one that is frequently asked by our customers. Uninsured motorist property damage coverage is expensive, especially when you have several vehicles covered on your personal auto policy. First, let’s take […]

How Personal Umbrella and Excess Liability Policies Respond to Animal Liability Claims

In the United States, there are over 4.7 million injuries from dog bites every year with 900,000 requiring medical treatment. In 2009 alone, insurance paid $412 million in dog bite claims with the average claim costing $24,000. Although 50 percent of all bites happen at the residence where the dog lives, not all homeowners policies cover animal liability […]

Are You Volunteering More Than Your Time?

Many of our clients actively volunteer whether it be at their children’s school, with a civic organization, or on the board of a non-profit. While these commitments can be quite time-consuming, they can also pose a large liability exposure unbeknownst to most of our clients. While most volunteers don’t want to consider the possibility of […]

Electronic Equipment – Personal Auto Policy

personal auto electronics insurance

Do I need special coverage for my GPS, DVD player and other electronic equipment in my vehicle? This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. Americans have developed a love affair with their electronic toys.  TVs, DVD players, GPS devices, satellite radio receivers, VCRs, CD players, computers, tape decks, and stereos […]

How to Insure Your Home with Chubb and Save Money

Home Discounts Chubb rewards homeowners for protecting their homes. The steps you take may significantly lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. In many states Chubb offers premium credits for security, fire and burglar alarm systems, and other protective measures. Swingle Collins is a preferred representative of Chubb insurance company. As a matter of fact, […]

Holiday Parties: Protect Your Family Assets

The holiday party season is just around the corner. If you are considering hosting a party for friends and family this year, whether at home or in a restaurant or rented facility, you want to be sure the event is not ruined by an insurance or liability issue – and there are plenty of issues to consider. Liquor […]

Hunting Land Owners Liability

I own some vacant land and farm land that I want to lease to groups of hunters and also allow some daily hunting by individual hunters. What kind of Hunting Land Owners Liability insurance should I purchase to protect me in case someone is hurt while hunting on my land? Isn’t there a law that gives […]

Oil and Gas Leases

A gas exploration company land man has offered me a large sum of money to explore for gas on my property and an even larger sum of money to extract the gas if they find it. What potential liabilities do I face if I accept the offer and what insurance is available to protect me […]

Benefits to Choosing a Chubb Conerstone Agency to Protect Your Family and Business.

Chubb Insurance Company specializes in providing commercial and personal coverage to affluent individuals and families, the top 2%. Once an individual has achieved a certain level of success and in essence joined the top 2% club, Chubb is where they go to protect the assets they have labored long and hard to earn.  As an […]

Hunters Beware! – Hunting Liability Insurance

  Hunters Beware! – Hunting Liability Insurance – Will the liability insurance on my homeowners policy cover me if I accidentally shoot someone while hunting? What about some other kind of accident on my hunting lease? And do I need any special coverage on my hunting jeep and 4-wheeler? It’s as certain as the hunting […]

Who Covers Damage to a Rented Venue?

Special times with family and friends occasionally means taking a special family vacation, renting a country club for a party or wedding, or hosting an event at a local venue. On those occasions, you want to be sure the events are not ruined by an insurance issue. One big issue to consider is your responsibility […]

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

What is an personal umbrella liability insurance policy and why do I need one? That’s an excellent question and one that our customers frequently ask. An umbrella liability policy is a relatively inexpensive way to purchase higher liability limits for you and your family, above and beyond the limits provided in homeowners and auto liability […]

Insurance for Professional Athletes

Professional Athlete Insurance

Achieving the level of ‘Professional’ in any occupation comes with its advantages, and challenges. In the world of sports, professional athletes and their families face unique risks and exposures that most in the private segment seldom have to face. Personal information including contract negotiations and salary details are made public as well as personal and […]

Auto Insurance – Insuring a New Automobile

I am thinking about buying a car over the weekend. How do I get coverage on the new car when your agency office is closed? That’s an excellent question, and it’s a question that our customers ask frequently. Auto dealers make it very easy to buy a new car these days. New car buyers usually […]

Charitable Organization Liability Insurance Immunity

Charitable Organization Liability Insurance: I serve on the board of a local charitable organization. The board hired an attorney to advise the board on legal matters and he stated recently that we don’t need to worry too much about purchasing liability insurance because Texas law provides immunity to charitable organizations. Is this correct? That’s an […]

Swingle Collins Chosen for ACE National Agency Council

Chris Peterie of Swingle Collins and Associates has been invited to the ACE Private Risk Services National Agency Council. This Producer Council was established in 2009.  This exclusive invitation allows top-tier ACE agents the opportunity to meet with C-level executives at ACE and discuss current insurance issues and market trends. “Since our inception in 2008 we have […]

Checklist of Homeowners Insurance Credits

insurance credits for gated home

Homeowners Insurance Credits – are you getting what you should from your insurance underwriter? Most Homeowners Insurance markets have the ability to obtain certain credits to the homeowners Insurance Premiums. Unfortunately, most insurance agents provide underwriters all the correct information that would allow their clients to qualify for these homeowners credits on their homeowners insurance. Here is a brief checklist of […]

Why Is My Neighbors Homeowners Insurance Premium Less Than Mine?

neighbors insurance premium

Why is my neighbor’s homeowners insurance premium less than mine? Homeowners insurance policies are like cars. There are different types with different options. And all of those options affect the premium. Your neighbor may have chosen a higher deductible, or chosen to buy a policy that does not provide as much coverage, or chosen to […]

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Chubb Insurance

Crestbrook insures luxury homes - dallas chubb agent

1. Trusted Experience Recognized as the 8th largest homeowners insurance carrier, Chubb Insurance Gold has a worldwide network spanning 100 offices in 27 countries and staffed by 10,400 employees. Chubb Insurance is the premier insurer of high-net-worth individuals in the United States. With 30 years experience specializing in the affluent market, Chubb Insurance offers products and […]

5 Reasons to choose Safeco Insurance

1. Financial Strength You Can Trust Safeco Insurance is a Liberty Mutual Agency Corporation and a member of Liberty Mutual Group. In 1923, insurance executive Hawthorne K. Dent envisioned the financial stability of an investor-owned stock company with the preferred-risk underwriting and lower prices of a mutual or policy-owned personal insurance company. More than 90 […]

Top 4 Reasons to Choose ACE Group Insurance

1. Financial Strength ACE Private Risk Services is part of the ACE Group of Companies, one of the world’s largest providers of property and casualty insurance. With more than $79 billion in assets, ACE Group holds a “AA-” (Very Strong) rating for financial strength by Standard & Poor’s and an “A+” (Superior) rating by A.M. Best […]

Top 4 Reasons to Choose AIG Private Client Group

Private Client Group at AIG provides property and liability insurance to successful individuals and their families. Our innovative products are designed to enhance protection of, and minimize threats to personal wealth and safety. Look to AIG for sound financial protection, resources to lessen the chance of property damage, and claims service with unparalleled support and […]

Replacement Cost – Homeowners and Dwelling Policies

Why do I have to carry so much insurance on my home? This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. For one thing, we believe you should have an amount of insurance that is sufficient to rebuild your home – probably your largest investment – in the event it is totally […]

Insurance Certificate Management

insurance during acquisition

Typically, insurance certificate management takes a backseat to creation of leases and contracts pertaining to liabilities – that is until a loss occurs. This often overlooked function is just as crucial to the success or failure of a company as the tens of thousands of dollars spent on legal liability precautions. Companies often taking for […]

Group Umbrella Insurance or Group Excess Insurance Policies – Why your company should have one

Umbrella insurance policies are a very necessary and very popular means of extending your personal liability insurance coverage above and beyond what is provided in a standard policy, but “Group Umbrella Insurance Policies” also known as Group Excess Insurance Policies, are also becoming more common within companies with high-income executive teams. The official name, Group […]

When Really Rich People Do Really Stupid Things

“When Really Rich People Do Really Stupid Things”, published in Forbes Magazine 10/10/2011 by Steven Bertoni The Rube Goldberg Claim A $50,000,000+ painting fell off the wall onto a $4,000,000 18 th century chest of drawers, cracking the marble top. As the painting fell, it knocked a $6,000,000 Rodin bronze and a pair of 18 […]

Auto Electronic Equipment – Does Insurance Respond?

Do I need special coverage for my GPS, DVD player and other electronic equipment in my vehicle? This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. Americans have developed a love affair with their electronic toys.  TVs, DVD players, GPS devices, satellite radio receivers, VCRs, CD players, computers, tape decks, and stereos […]

Texas Wildfires-How to Protect Your Home

Wildfire defense for free

Imagine this….The Texas Wildfires are fast approaching your Possum Kingdom lake house.  What goes through your mind?  “Get to Safety, This is why I buy insurance, right?”  Fire is a covered cause of loss, but imagine how furious you would be if you found out after your house had burned to the ground that preventative […]

Hurricanes and Severe Windstorm Insurance

Property Insurance Dallas Texas

If you own a house that is located along the ocean, bay or within a coastal county, your home may be vulnerable to wind damage caused by a hurricane or Nor’ Easter. It is important to have Hurricanes and Severe Windstorm Insurance to help protect your family, home and possessions. Here are some things you […]

Protecting Your Home and Family from Earthquakes

Earthquake insurance Dallas Texas

Earthquake damage can be mitigated if you and your family take precautionary measures. Here are some steps you can take before, during and after an earthquake. Before an Earthquake Have a licensed contractor check your chimney(s), roof and wall foundations for stability. Make sure your home is bolted to the foundation. Secure your water heater(s) […]

Protecting Your Home and Family from Burglary

Careful planning is key in protecting your home and valuables from theft. Here are some ways to help safeguard your property: General Security Measures Exterior and interior doors that lead from the basement or garage should be constructed of solid wood or metal and equipped with dead bolt locks. A well-illuminated home is less of […]

Fire Prevention for Your Home & Family

Wildfire defense for free

Careful planning can often help you avoid loss or injury to your family and property. Follow these fire prevention and safety tips: Take Precautionary Measures: Smoke detectors should be installed on each level of your home and outside every sleeping area. We recommend a professionally installed system that wires all detectors to a central alarm […]

Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

Whether caused by prolonged rain, heavy snowfall, old appliance hoses, frozen or corroded pipes, or even clogged drains, water damage is not only inconvenient, but also costly. Routine inspection and maintenance can help you keep water where it belongs. Use the following tips to identify potential problem areas in and around your house. While you […]

Beware Limited Coverage on Your Aviation Policy

You purchase a plane and then buy the insurance to protect the investment and your liability.  Unfortunately, the policy you buy might not actually cover anything. Typically, aviation policies have limitations and warranties that can completely exclude the coverage you think you are purchasing. Specifically, one limitation to coverage is the pilot’s requirement to keep […]

When Your Teenager Starts to Drive

teenage driver insurance

My teenager just received a license to drive. Do I need to add him/her to my policy now? Will it increase my premium? The short answers are “yes” and “yes.” Most personal automobile insurance policies written in Texas extend liability coverage to anyone using a covered auto with your permission, including children when they begin […]

Vacation Insurance – Better than SPF 100

I am taking my family on vacation this summer and we may travel to a foreign country. Will I need any special vacation insurance to cover my personal property and liability? Vacations, whether taken in the summer or the winter, can pose unusual risks you don’t encounter every day, especially when you travel out of […]

Homeowners Insurance & Dwelling Policies

How much Homeowners Insurance do I need ? You should have an amount of Homeowners Insurance that is sufficient to rebuild your home in the event it is totally destroyed by a fire, tornado, hurricane or other insured catastrophe. It’s estimated that about 60 percent of American homes are underinsured by an average of 22 percent, […]

Taking Insurance to College

My son (daughter) is leaving home in North Texas to attend college this fall. Will my auto and homeowners insurance policies cover him (her) while at college? When college students move from home to their home-away-from-home, a rented dorm or apartment, insurance issues can arise and should be addressed before they leave home. One key […]

Agency declining to issue a certificate of insurance?

Why is your insurance agency declining to issue a certificate of insurance that provides for notice of cancellation to the certificate holder? In September 2009, ACORD revised the ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance form. One of the major changes was the removal of the cancellation notice provision. We are unable to issue an older edition […]