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The New Chubb

Employee Dishonesty Insurance Dallas

January 14, 2016 – Six months after their initial announcement, Chubb and ACE have officially merged. Reaching an agreement of just over $29 billion, they have kept the Chubb name and are moving forward in this new venture.  Having maintained a significantly strong relationship with both of these prominent carriers for over thirty years, Swingle Collins […]

Social Engineering – The Digital Conman

cyber liability insurance

Social Engineering Fraud is where the modern day conman thrives. Criminals are pairing minor hacking capabilities and their art of persuasion with readily available information such as email signatures, phone numbers, and social media accounts to convince businesses to wire transfer large sums of money into offshore accounts. They are not hacking into your accounting […]

Staying Safe Before, During and After a Hurricane

Swingle Collins & Associates Stay Safe During a Hurricane Smart preparations help protect homeowners in peak hurricane season Dallas, Texas (August 21, 2015) – Now through late October is considered peak hurricane season. To help homeowners keep their families and their property safe during a hurricane, Swingle Collins & Associates offers tips to help prepare. […]

What you need to know about Insurance and Legionnaires’ Disease

Since July 10th, seven people in New York have died due to an airborne respiratory disease likely contracted by simply walking down the street. Legionnaires’ disease isn’t new. In 1976, it picked up its name at an American Legion convention that suffered an outbreak. In 2013, there were 4,548 cases reported in the US. Legionella […]

Open Carry Risk Management

Effective January 1, 2016, Texans holding a valid license to carry a handgun will be able to do so openly (HB 910). Open carry, as it is known, is not without limitations. As your trusted risk managers and insurance advisors, Swingle Collins & Associates would like to take a moment to educate our clients on […]

Texas Mutual Distributes $1,257,258.88 to Swingle Collins Clients

For the past seventeen years Texas Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance has been fortunate enough to distribute significant dividends to their most loyal policyholders. Although dividends are not guaranteed, Texas Mutual has had great success and chooses to share their earnings similar to companies offering stock to the public. Rewarding those that strive to implement and […]

Drones- While Some Risks Decrease, Others Arise

The personal and commercial use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems is no longer a goal for the future but an accomplishment of the present. UAS technology is being implemented for personal and recreational use as well as for commercial advancement. Businesses are finding different avenues to utilize this technology to increase production and expand their reach […]

Breaking News – 401(k) Liability

Over 40 years ago, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 set in place requirements and regulations to manage those in fiduciary roles within each company in order to protect employees and their retirement investments. Within each company that offers employee benefits or retirement contribution plans, the individual employees that oversee and manage each […]

What Qualifies a Vehicle as a Commercial Motor Vehicle?

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration CSA scores for Commercial Motor Vehicles can greatly affect the cost and availability of commercial auto policies. Taking the time to adequately understand the regulations involved will immensely improve the cost of each policy. A frequently asked question is, “what qualifies a vehicle as a Commercial Motor Vehicle?” Unfortunately, this […]

Protect Your Personal Interest With IDL Insurance

The DFW Metroplex is home to over 10,000 corporate headquarters as well as hundreds of thousands of not-for-profit, public and private organizations and corporations.  Serving under each of those organizations is a group of influential and prominent figures that compile the Board of Directors. In order to protect every individual that sits on each board, […]

Cyber Liability – The Wild West of Insurance

Cyber/Privacy Liability is the risk that is posed by conducting business and collecting and storing personal data on the internet or in paper files. The vast majority of businesses throughout the country and the world will encounter this type of risk and must be informed about the protection that is available. Swingle Collins & Associates […]

North Texas- Cover Your Assets With Flood Insurance

Storm season is in full swing and while we are happy to receive all of the rain water to alleviate our typical summer drought, the looming threat of flash floods, landslides and mudflows are among us. The DFW area has experienced devastating losses due to the flash floods this spring season. Homes, cars and businesses […]

07.01.15 Changes to Texas Workers Compensation Rating

workers compensation insurance

Effective July 1, 2015, Texas will be adopting the NCCI Experience Rating Plan with some state specific exceptions. Key Changes to Texas Workers Compensation Rating affecting the experience plan rating include: • Only 30% of medical only incurred loss amounts will be used in the experience rating calculation rather than the current standard of 100%. […]

Freezing Temperatures Checklist for Businesses

Often times, a checklist for freezing temperatures is associated with an individual’s home, but making sure a business is fully prepared to weather a freeze is just as important. A substantial winter weather incident can collapse roofs, ruin pipes and flood building once the ice begins to thaw – a combination that can easily freeze a company’s productivity. […]

Employee Dishonesty Insurance Dallas

Employee Dishonesty Insurance Dallas

What kinds of crime insurance should I purchase for my business and how much should I purchase? There are several different types of crime insurance you should consider including, Employee Dishonesty Insurance. The types you need depend on what type of business you have. Here are the major types you may need to consider.   […]

Insurance Claims & Public Adjusters – Dallas

Has your building suffered significant damage in a recent hail storm? Have you been contacted by a public adjuster? Are you wondering whether or not to hire a public adjuster to deal with the insurance companies involved in paying your claim? Here are a few things you should know about Insurance Claims & Public Adjusters when […]

Worker’s Compensation for Partners & Officers in Dallas TX

Many businesses today are looking for ways to cut expenses to boost the bottom line. One idea that may come to mind is excluding executive officers or partners from the firm’s workers’ compensation coverage. Swingle Collins specializes in worker’s compensation for partners & officers in Dallas TX. The Texas workers’ compensation law requires coverage for an […]

Cyber Insurance –Protecting Your Company from a Breach

cyber liability insurance

The prospect of cyber breaches keeps North Texas corporate executives awake at night — with good reason. Cyber Insurance is quickly becoming one of the most asked about types of insurance coverage. Unfortunately, the solution those executives look to, insurance, can be problematic on several fronts. Through Sept. 16, some 546 breaches have become public this […]

Insurance Requirements for Suppliers and Vendors

Most retail, wholesale and manufacturing businesses permit suppliers and vendors to deliver products to their premises, perhaps even directly to the sales area. These businesses may have question like this: “I want to be sure our suppliers and vendors are properly insured before they deliver products to us or their employees visit our premises. I […]

Restaurant Insurance: Food Borne Illness Occurrences

The CDC estimates that 48 million people each year gets sick from contaminated food. This equates to 1 in 6 people in the US. The most dangerous string of contaminants is Salmonella which causes more hospitalizations and deaths than any other food borne germ. This sweeping epidemic is causing many restaurateurs and food providers to […]

Flooding is Not Covered by Most Commercial Insurance Policies

  The above average snowfall in the northeast has been well documented in 2014. The current conditions in that region of the country will likely lead to widespread flooding this spring. Without flood insurance, many businesses may soon find themselves under water. Closer to home, we do not necessarily worry too much about snow melt, […]

Workers Compensation & Volunteers

Question: Our nonprofit organization depends heavily on the services provided by volunteers. Do any of our insurance policies cover medical expenses if a volunteer is injured on the job? Will our liability policies defend us if a volunteer sues the organization because of the injury? Is the organization covered if we get sued for an […]

Excluding Officers or Partners from Workers’ Compensation

  Question: We need to reduce the premium on our workers’ compensation policy and are considering excluding executive officers from coverage. Is this a good idea? Answer: Many businesses today are looking for ways to cut expenses to boost the bottom line. One idea that may come to mind is excluding executive officers or partners […]

Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Question: What is a commercial umbrella liability insurance policy and why do I need one? Answer: That’s an excellent question and one that our customers frequently ask. A commercial umbrella liability insurance policy is a relatively inexpensive way for a business to purchase higher liability limits for the business, above and beyond the limits provided […]

Excluding Employees on the Business Auto Policy

Question: The insurance company covering our business vehicles wants to specifically exclude one of our valuable employees from coverage. He can use his personal vehicle to do his job, so we are thinking about signing the exclusion on the business auto insurance policy and letting him continue working for the company. Is this a workable […]

Insuring Personal Autos on Business Auto Policies

Question: My employee uses his personal vehicle on company business. Can I add his vehicle to my business auto policy? Answer: This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. We realize there are a number of reasons why a business owner might want to insure an employee’s personal vehicle on the […]

Insuring Family Autos on the Business Auto Policy

  Question: I am the majority owner of my business. My accountant has suggested it is a good idea tax-wise for the business to own all of my vehicles – including those used by me and my family – and to insure those vehicles on the auto policy purchased for the business. I asked my […]

Keeping Up With Building Codes

Question: I recently learned that the city building code requires automatic fire sprinklers for a building like mine. Will my property insurance pay for installation of a sprinkler system? Answer: Your commercial property insurance policy responds only when your building is damaged by a covered cause of loss, so it won’t help you pay the […]

Oil and Gas – Critical Insurance Protection

It is safe to say that, Oil and Gas operators and contractors are aware that their operations involve risk and liability that must be covered by their insurance programs. The fast moving, constantly changing Oil and Gas industry, and the political and litigious society we live in, can complicate the answer to: who is who […]

What is a Claims Made Insurance Policy?

Question: What is a claims made insurance policy? Answer: This is a great question, and one that our customers ask from time to time. A claims made insurance policy is most often used to provide professional liability coverage, such as the coverage needed by lawyers and doctors to protect them from malpractice claims.  But it […]

Shutting Down Your Insurance

Question – How should you go about shutting down your insurance?: I’m closing down my business. Will I need to continue any kind of insurance coverage to protect myself and my employees from future lawsuits? Answer: That’s an excellent question and we applaud your concern for yourself, your family and your employees. Businesses that make […]

Workers Compensation, States Requiring 3A Coverage for Out-of-State Employees

workers compensation insurance

Insured with employees working in New York, either on a permanent or temporary basis should be aware of new regulations requiring out-of-state employers to carry a full, statutory New York State workers’ compensation insurance policy. According to the regulation, an employer has the appropriate coverage when “New York is listed in Item 3A on the […]

Independent Directors Liability Insurance –

Independent directors should purchase an Independent Directors Liability insurance policy as a liability safety net and not rely solely on directors’ and officers’ liability policies purchased by the organization. You have been asked to serve on the board of a prominent and prestigious organization. Congratulations! But did you know corporate directors and officers can be […]

Restaurant Insurance: Employment Practices Liability

One of most commonly neglected coverage options in restaurant insurance policies is employment practices liability (EPL). EPL insurance covers organizations for an extensive range of employment related claims including: harassment, discriminatory claims of all kinds, and wrongful termination to name a few. Claims and charges of this kind have increased significantly over the last five […]

Grocery Store Property Considerations

Shoppers have many different options for fulfilling their grocery needs.  According to the retail grocery industry there are as many as 15 possible formats that could be used to classify the retail grocery industry.  However, the majority of food establishments can generally be grouped into a few major types of operations including super centers, wholesale […]

Restaurant Insurance: Cyber Risks-Is Your Restaurant Exposed?

In the insurance world one of the hottest topics in recent years has been Cyber Liability. Even though it’s talked and written about frequently, many companies have yet to address the exposure. Let’s first examine where the exposure may lie for a restaurant. Your business may be at risk if you have a social media […]

Real Estate Insurance – Court Decision Puts Building Owners on Notice

Real Estate Insurance

Building owners who depend on tenants to provide insurance on the building are at some risk of having no coverage available after a loss. That’s a bitter lesson learned by one landlord when a Dallas Court of Appeals left them empty-handed following a fire that damaged the building. In the case of Ostrovitz & Gwinn, LLC […]

Restaurant Insurance: Insuring Your Restaurant from Off-Premises Power Failure

Restaurant Insurance - Power Failure

The Off-Premises Power Failure Endorsement provides coverage for financial loss due to lack of incoming electricity from a loss occurring away from the insured’s business. While power failure may act as a mere inconvenience in many cases, it can quickly turn into a devastating circumstance for a restaurateur. For instance, what if a loss occurred […]

Insurance Tips for Condominium Owners

Condo Insurance

Insuring a condominium unit is more complicated than insuring a single-family home, because condo ownership involves laws and contracts that affect the way insurance should be provided. If you own a condominium, here are some tips you can use to be sure your investment is protected. There is no way to arrange insurance on a […]

Hotel Insurance – What You Should Talk to Your Agent About

Common Hotel Insurance Mistakes that Could Devastate Your Business #1 Your Agent or Broker is not an Expert in the Hotel Industry An insurance advisor should be provide you with comprehensive coverages, tailor made for your Hotel Insurance needs. The more knowledgeable your agent is the more effective they will be in shopping coverages. Other agents […]

Control of Well Insurance

Well control is the technique used in oil and gas operations such as drilling, well workover, and well completions to maintaining the fluid column hydrostatic pressure and formation pressure to prevent influx of formation fluids into the wellbore. As long as there are drilling operations there will always be potential well control problems. Most well […]

Insuring Clinical Trials and Tribulations

Clinical trials continue to be an integral part of innovation within the life-sciences arena. As biotech companies continue to grow, human testing of effectiveness and safety of drugs and medical devices has grown in to a $20 billion a year industry. The liability exposures associated with clinical trials conducted at health care institutions has dramatically […]

Tailor an Education Insurance Program to Meet Your Needs

Educational Institution Insurance Running a school, college or university is a daunting task.  The exposures to financial and physical loss that schools face today are as varied as schools themselves.  Consider the traditional exposures to buildings and classroom property, as well as property outside the conventional classroom.  Or consider your school’s increased potential liability from […]

Products Exposure – Selling My Company / Retirement

In today’s business environment, selling a company is a key component to a competitive strategy. At the same time, such major transitions create a wide variety of challenges, including insurance and risk-management issues such as products exposure. Before you exit your business, it is imperative to receive proper legal counsel on how laws require you […]

Saltwater Disposal Well Insurance

According to the Texas Railroad Commission there are close to 50,000 disposal and injection wells serving more than 214,000 oil and gas wells in Texas.  With so much exploration and production creeping closer to the cities, recent seismic activity, and main street media trying to create hysteria about ground water pollution, people are looking to […]

Reps and Warranties Insurance

Reps and Warranties Insurance

Representations (Reps) and Warranties insurance has been available in the domestic insurance marketplace since the mid-nineties. The insurance is designed to protect the policyholder against damages suffered as a result of breaches of the representations and/or warranties contained in a purchase and sale agreement (P&SA). The policy can be purchased in the name of either […]

Business Income Insurance

Dallas insurance jobs

Why should I purchase business income insurance? That’s an excellent question, and it’s a question asked by many business owners like you. Business income insurance (sometimes called business interruption insurance) can make the difference between “life and death” of a business following a catastrophic loss. It can be as vital to your survival as fire […]

Workers Compensation Rules of Monopolistic State Funds: Wyoming

workers compensation insurance

In the state of Wyoming, workers compensation coverage is compulsory only for specifically required industries or occupations. The workers compensation division administers the state fund. The program provides benefits to eligible employees who suffer a work related injury or illness. Employers who employ workers in required (or extra-hazardous) industries or occupations as described within the […]

Workers Compensation Rules of Monopolistic State Funds: Washington

Almost all employees must be covered by workers compensation insurance. Those exempt from the act are: sole proprietors and partners; corporate officers; casual employees not connected with a trade, profession or business; domestic servants — unless two or more are regularly employed 40 or more hours a week; any person employed to do maintenance, repair, […]

Workers Compensation Rules of Monopolistic State Funds: Ohio

Workers Compensation in other States

In Ohio, the Bureau of Workers Compensation and the Industrial Commission administer the state insurance fund. Both agencies are governed by chapters 4121 and 4123 of the Ohio revised code. The Bureau of Workers Compensation is the administrative branch of the Ohio system of workers compensation. Its responsibility is to process all claims, keep account […]

Workers Compensation Rules of Monopolistic State Funds: North Dakota

The Workers Compensation Bureau administers coverage under the Workers Compensation act in North Dakota. All public employees and most employees (one or more) within the categories of private or hazardous employments are classified as compulsory under the workers compensation act of this state. Employers exempt from the act are those who employ farm labor, domestic […]

Workers Compensation Coverage in Texas and Other States

Workers Compensation Insurance Dallas texas

Hiring or Sending Employees to Work in Other States If you hire or send employees to work in states other than Texas – or think you might do so in the future – your workers’ compensation coverage may need a do-over. When an employee is injured in another state, he or she may have the […]

Insurance to Value – Commercial Property Policies

How much insurance do I need on my building? This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. Your commercial property policies should have an amount of insurance that is sufficient to either rebuild your building (“replacement cost coverage”) or purchase a similar building at another location suitable for your business (“actual cash […]

Directors and Officers Liability

Should we purchase directors and officers liability for our privately held company? That’s an excellent question, and it’s a question asked by many directors and officers of privately held companies like yours. It’s important for you to understand the many risks you face as directors and officers of a privately held company, and how these risks […]

Lease Agreement Insurance Requirements

I looked at the lease agreement for the building I rent and it appears the landlord wants me to be responsible for damage to portions of the building, such as HVAC equipment and glass. Will you review the lease for me and let me know what kind of insurance I need? That’s an excellent question. […]

Master Service Agreements – Oil and Gas Insurance

In the Oil and Gas industry, Master Service Agreements (MSAs), establish a contractual relationship to govern ongoing work during exploration, drilling, production and service without having to renegotiate terms and conditions multiple times.  This is important because, in most Oil and Gas operations, there are multiple employers, many workers, extensive property and numerous simultaneous objectives […]

Swingle Collins and EMPLOYERS Offer Anti-Fraud Programs and Investigative Help

Swingle Collins is able to provide investigative help through EMPLOYERS, who actively pursues criminal prosecution of suspected workers’ compensation fraud. The EMPLOYERS Fraud Investigations Department operates a comprehensive Anti-Fraud Program that discourages individuals from attempting to defraud EMPLOYERS and its policyholders and aggressively pursues the criminal prosecution of those who cannot be deterred. All states […]

Swingle Collins and EMPLOYERS Help Keep Your Business Safe from Fraud

How Swingle Collins and EMPLOYERS helps keep your business safe from fraud: Cases of potential fraud investigated by the EMPLOYERS Fraud Investigations Department and referred to law enforcement have resulted in more than 121 criminal complaints and 67 criminal convictions since 2003. The Fraud Investigations Department has recovered tens of millions of dollars since 2003, […]

Quick Return to Work with the Help of Managed Care Services

Through EMPLOYERS, Swingle Collins is committed to helping workers get back on their feet quickly after job-related injuries.  Employees obtain the care they need to get back to work with the help of our Managed Care Services. Swingle Collins’ insureds have access to the EMPLOYERS Managed Care Services team works side by side with healthcare […]

Swingle Collins Helps Mitigate Costs Associated with Workers’ Compensation Claims

Through proven, innovative strategies refined over decades, Swingle Collins and the EMPLOYERS Claim Department helps you mitigate costs associated with workers’ compensation claims. Swingle Collins is able to provide high quality and efficient claim management services by offering our small business customers who are insured with Employers the following benefits: A dedicated Claim Reporting Center […]

Effective Loss Control and Lowering Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Swingle Collins is focused on our policyholders’ improved safety performance. Effective Loss Control concentrates on helping reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries. Beyond the obvious benefit of improving employee safety, fewer workplace injuries can also result in lower workers’ compensation premiums. Loss Control Connection Swingle Collins takes advantage of the EMPLOYERS Loss Control […]

Federal Workers’ Compensation Laws

Many types of employees are subject to federal workers’ compensation laws that prescribe compensation for their injuries. These laws generally provide a broader range of benefits or legal remedies than are available to an employee under a state’s workers’ compensation law. The Texas workers’ compensation law specifically exempts persons covered by a method of compensation […]

Sending Employees to Work in Foreign Countries

Texas employees traveling in foreign countries are covered under the Texas workers’ compensation policy for Texas benefits if they meet the “significant contacts” or “principal location” tests mentioned in the previous article, “Hiring or Sending Employees to Work in Other States.” The benefits provided by the workers’ compensation law may not be sufficient, however, for […]

Holiday Parties: Protect Your Business Assets

The holiday party season is just around the corner. If you are considering hosting a party for customers and other business associates this year, whether at your office or home or in a restaurant or rented facility, you want to be sure the event is not ruined by an insurance or liability issue – and […]

Dentists’ Insurance Program

Dentists have unique exposures and plenty of assets to protect.   There are good ways to defend against dental exposure and the best (the right) way.   We have the correct coverage to solve all of your insurable dental practices exposure and liability needs  The program is to be a one stop opportunity to cover […]

Value for Your Business – The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

The Cincinnati Advantages Consider an insurance program with The Cincinnati Insurance Company to get these advantages and more: Professional advice of your local independent agent representing The Cincinnati Insurance Companies High quality service, provided by representatives who live and work in or near your agent’s community, creating loyal policyholders who spread the word about Cincinnati, […]

Why Hanover?

Hanover insurance Company is an unique company providing great products with exceptionalcoverage and service.  Many people will ask why choose Hanover Insurance Company? • Hanover works with “best-in-class” Hanover insurance agents, highly-qualified professionals who understand and care about your business’s needs. • Hanover insurance company is financially strong with an “A” (Excellent) rating XIV ($1.5 Billion to […]

Hunters Beware! – Hunting Liability Insurance

  Hunters Beware! – Hunting Liability Insurance – Will the liability insurance on my homeowners policy cover me if I accidentally shoot someone while hunting? What about some other kind of accident on my hunting lease? And do I need any special coverage on my hunting jeep and 4-wheeler? It’s as certain as the hunting […]

Charitable Organization Liability Insurance Immunity

Charitable Organization Liability Insurance: I serve on the board of a local charitable organization. The board hired an attorney to advise the board on legal matters and he stated recently that we don’t need to worry too much about purchasing liability insurance because Texas law provides immunity to charitable organizations. Is this correct? That’s an […]

Insurance for extreme sports competitions and adventure races

A recent and horrific accident during The Original Fort Worth Mud Run left people concerned about safety checks and regularities of the annual extreme sports competition. CBS-11’s Jason Allen reported on the Mud Run incident and asked the experts at Swingle Collins for insight into the insurance that would be required for similar extreme sporting […]

Buying and Selling a Business: Insurance During an Acquisition

insurance during acquisition

There’s a roller coaster of emotions when a business owner sells their company. The week before the business is to sell, the business owner’s voice is stressed, nervous, hair-triggered with concern. If you speak with them again 2 weeks after, you can barely recognize them as the same person. They’ve become jovial, and conversation naturally […]

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Chubb Insurance

Crestbrook insures luxury homes - dallas chubb agent

1. Trusted Experience Recognized as the 8th largest homeowners insurance carrier, Chubb Insurance Gold has a worldwide network spanning 100 offices in 27 countries and staffed by 10,400 employees. Chubb Insurance is the premier insurer of high-net-worth individuals in the United States. With 30 years experience specializing in the affluent market, Chubb Insurance offers products and […]

Removing Autos from the BAP – Business Auto Insurance

Business is bad and I need to save some money on my auto insurance. I want to delete the coverage on some vehicles that aren’t being used right now. They are stored in a secure parking area. Is that OK? That’s an excellent question and we’re really glad you asked. Removing vehicles you still own […]

Insurance Certificate Management

insurance during acquisition

Typically, insurance certificate management takes a backseat to creation of leases and contracts pertaining to liabilities – that is until a loss occurs. This often overlooked function is just as crucial to the success or failure of a company as the tens of thousands of dollars spent on legal liability precautions. Companies often taking for […]

Fiduciary Liability Insurance: Because making health care plan decisions is risky business

fiduciary liability insurance dallas

It’s risky business, not having fiduciary liability insurance. Business owners and upper-level management who choose and administer retirement funds and health care plans for their companies are putting their personal assets in danger if they are not covered. Companies that offer employee benefits and retirement accounts are held accountable by the Employee Retirement Income Security […]

Group Umbrella Insurance or Group Excess Insurance Policies – Why your company should have one

Umbrella insurance policies are a very necessary and very popular means of extending your personal liability insurance coverage above and beyond what is provided in a standard policy, but “Group Umbrella Insurance Policies” also known as Group Excess Insurance Policies, are also becoming more common within companies with high-income executive teams. The official name, Group […]

Insurance Coverage Quote Checklist

Below is a check list of policies or information you will need consider when collecting documents for our insurance agency’s review. Any or all of the documents below will be helpful in creating a comprehensive coverage program to protect your family’s assets.  Understand you might not have all of the policies or exposure listed below, but this […]

What should our employees do when they rent a car for a company trip?

Purchasing Loss Damage Waiver?

Should I purchase the Loss Damage Waiver offered by the rental agent when I rent a vehicle? This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently. Whether you rent a vehicle for personal use while on vacation, or as a substitute while your vehicle is out of commission for repair or service, […]

Insurance to Value – Commercial Insurance Property Policy

Commercial Property Policies

You should have an amount of insurance that is sufficient to either rebuild your building (“replacement cost coverage”) or purchase a similar building at another location suitable for your business (“actual cash value coverage”), in the event it is totally destroyed by a fire, tornado, hurricane or other insured catastrophe. One of the decisions you […]

Workers Compensation Compared to Non-Subscription

Workers Compensation Insurance Dallas texas

Why would a company decide to go bare on Workers Compensation Insurance in Texas?  Cost?  Because it’s not required?  A bad memory of comp in the 1980’s?  Whatever the reason may be, the reasons to carry workers compensation are much more compelling that the reasons to carry occupational accident.  If cost is your issue, you […]

The Four Parts of a Traditional Directors & Officers Insurance Policy

Traditionally, there have been four coverage sections on a Directors & Officers insurance policy. These four parts are Nonindemnifiable Claims, Indemnifiable Claims with a Retention, Entity Coverage, and Outside Directorship Liability. 1.   For nonindemnifiable claims, the company cannot indemnify or hold harmless its directors and officers. 2.   Where the company can indemnify after satisfying a […]

Errors & Omissions

A systems integrator is contracted to update the network of a large online retailer. Due to an error or omission during the network update, the client’s e-commerce site crashes. The client has to hire another network engineer to correct the problem. The site is finally operational after three days of being offline. The client alleges […]

Electronic Equipment for Texas Business Auto Policy

Do I need special coverage for my GPS, computer, DVD player and other electronic equipment in my commercial vehicle? The mobile nature of business today has created a need for businesses to put communication and other electronic devices in their company vehicles.  TVs, DVD players, GPS devices, satellite radio receivers, VCRs, CD players, computers, tape […]

Agency declining to issue a certificate of insurance?

Why is your insurance agency declining to issue a certificate of insurance that provides for notice of cancellation to the certificate holder? In September 2009, ACORD revised the ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance form. One of the major changes was the removal of the cancellation notice provision. We are unable to issue an older edition […]

What is an experience modifier, how is it computed and how does it affect my premium?

The experience rating modifier is the one area where an employer’s efforts can significantly reduce insurance premium cost. Experience rating is the interaction of claims management and workers compensation insurance pricing. An organization that controls its losses also controls its experience modifier and ultimately is responsible for higher or lower premiums. Although the formula is […]

PIP, MP and UM – Business Auto Policy

What is the difference between Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments insurance coverage? If I have workers’ compensation insurance, why do I need either? How about Uninsured Motorists coverage? These are great questions that our customers ask frequently. You understand the need for auto liability and physical damage insurance. Liability coverage protects you and your […]